Windows 10 20H1 review: New Windows Update!

Microsoft will shortly release an update on Windows 10 that is said to be coming out in the month of April. According to the reports, the update consists of enhanced features that are already in the current version rather than bringing out any new feature. 

But the interesting part is that the update contains enhanced settings for Task Manager, Game Bar and much more. Previously, it was noted that the new update would contain additional features with minor new features. That being said, the time of release was noted to be January.

However, as of now, it is yet to be known when the final version will come. Most likely it will release shortly after fixing some minor software bugs To get details of information on the update, go through the rest of the contents below!

Subsystem: Windows [Linux]

Microsoft has been on the opposing end with Linux for many years. That being said it was a surprising moment to witness Windows making an entry for Linux subsystem. In the year 2016, Microsoft had released an update that had Linux as its subsystem. 

But later, it was discovered that the Linux version running in the Windows subsystem, was not, in fact, the original version. There were a few things that were not working, for example, certain modules of kernel, drivers and more. 

Nit, it is said that the Windows subsystem Linux 2 is running smoothly with its kernel. So what it implies, is that you can get access to Linux files using Windows file Explorer after you’ve put them in the Linux root folder in the virtual hard disk. 

Setup Windows Linux 

If you’re wondering how to setup Linx in Windows then the procedure is easier than you think. All you need to do is go to the feature called “Turn Windows Feature On And Off” and enable it simply. 

Then, you can download it from the Microsoft Store without having to pay a dime for it. This because Linux comes free of cost. Also, if you’re wondering how to make the conversion then the steps are easy too. All you have to do is convert the distro that already exists, into Windows subsystem Linux 2 with a command. 

Simply, enter the following command in the terminal application;

“Wsl -set-version <Distro>2”

Now you may be wondering what Terminal application is. Well, it is an interface that is built for Linux, PowerShell, and DOS to run command lines. That being said, here’s an interesting thing. Using Linux programs, you can run a BASH shell. However, the configurations of Terminal are made in such a way that it can make Linux perform smoothly on Windows operating system. 

More On Terminal…

Under Windows subsystem Linux 2, Linux is a big application that is text-based. In order to enable Linux, what you’d require is a mode fo communication between the Windows subsystem Linux 2 and the Windows 10 operating system. 

Terminal, on the other hand, is an easy platform that gets the job done without getting in your way. However, using Terminal may be a bit of hassle if you’re new to it. For example, you’d most likely be confused to turn on the paned view. Because it would require you to enter some command line in Command-Line Box and not in PowerShell. If you’re an advanced user then it should not be a problem for you. 

Overall, surf the web to go through guides and tips and use them. There’s one thing to keep in mind when you’re doing so. It would be a mistake to consider Linux commands & files to be of separate entities like Windows Sandbox. But regardless, Terminal and Windows Subsystem Linux 2 make a powerful duo. 

Cortana Becomes A Separate Entity

The previous year, Microsoft decided to make Cortana into a separate entity. It was removed from the Windows search function. As of now, Cortana is movable into a window and can be sized according to the user’s will. Microsoft has also introduced Cortana’s addition ability and that is to recognize the voice and not just text. 

This certain change introduced has some positive as well as negative outcomes. For instance, before, Cortana would exit the session once it detected your interaction with any other program, from the taskbar. Well, nothing much as changed but the fact that now Cortana, as a sperate window, exits the session similarly. 

However, now, Cortana is keen on knowing on what medium you’d be interacting such as voice or typing. While it does get the job done, it not any different than other search box applications. 

Changes Made To Cortana’s Functionality

With changes made to it, the significant one is the “wake” word. Previously, the “wake” word would prompt Cortana to be ready for assistance. Now, the word has been changed to “Cortana” instead.

That being said, its functionality has downgraded. If you’re looking for Cortana setting in windows 10 then you would not find any. There are no specific settings that can control the Cortana application. The only thing that you can control is general settings for speech. 

Also, to use Cortana, you’d have to use one of the accounts. This was not the case previously.

Based on the test build, it is has been concluded that Cortana, apparently cannot follow basic math after the changes. But the Microsoft Team has claimed to be introducing the calculation functions into Cortana shortly with the upcoming update. The test build also signifies that upon prompting, Cortana could not open the in-built application of Amazon’s Alexa.

Certain aspects of Cortana is said to be affected. Such as controls for Spotify, IoT controls as well as Harman Invoke. 

Cortana to Evolve Soon…

Microsoft team is vouching for a bigger change after all the downside. The team is aiming for a change that includes Cortana to turn into a conversational assistant. How? Well, Cortana is not capable of recognizing follow up questions that are related to what has been asked just before that. 

For example, if a user asks, what the height of Mount Everest is, then Cortana would answer that. But, if the user asks where it is located then Cortana would not understand that the question is related to Mount Everest. Meanwhile, Google Assistant has the ability to do the same. 

To make the idea more clear, here’s another one. If you ask Cortana to send a certain text message to a contact number, then Cortana would first confirm it with you. Now, if you respond no to it, then Cortana should be asking what changes you’d like to make and to what. 

That being said, there is room for improvement now that Cortana is a separate entity and working independently. The change has affected Cortana drastically as it is unable to do basic operations. 

Appealing Icons To Be Released With The Update!

The words are that Microsoft will soon bring out fresh icons for the existing ones with the 20H1 update. Along with that, the update consists of a design language that appears to be unique for Windows 10 and 10X. 

That being said, what is expected is a new user-interface that is more appealing that the tiled one. It would add more weight to the entire update.

Along with that, the addition of emoji/kaomoji keyboard has been ever since its release. You can access it using the “Windows”, “+” and the “;” key on the keyboard. With the update, there have been additions made to it. Such as emojis for ballet shoes, sloth and more. 

Kaomoji, on the other hand, is different. It provides characters using a combination of punctuation keys. However, it has the tendency to exit the session when you are no longer interacting or away from the keyboard. 

Microsoft Update 20H1 Windows Update (Pros)

So, to wrap things short;y, here’s a list of pros that you get with the update:

  1. The update is free and will cost you nothing like any other update released previously by the Microsoft team. 
  2. The availability of “Your Phone” will make communication easy between the operating system and the phone. 
  3. Linux subsystem embedded in the Windows operating system comes with more strength, providing convenience for any user. 
  4. With the release of fresh updates, resh icons are also upcoming. The tiled interface will no longer be there. It will rather be replaced with a more dynamic and eye-catchy interface. 

Microsoft Update 20H1 Windows Update (Cons)

On the other hand, if you’re wondering what are the cons of the update, then there are very few mentioned below!

  1. The functions of Cortana has degraded, followed by failure in operating basic functions as it becomes a separate component from the Windows search. 
  2. Lastly, if it has been denoted that improvements are upcoming, then it implies that the work inside has not been done fully, leaving gaps for errors. 

Wrapping Up!

Now you have an idea of what to expect in the update. Regardless, the 20H1 Windows update is going to be impactful shortly!