PUBG Error: Servers Are Too Busy Please Try Again Later [SOLVED]

Pubg or Player Unknown Battleground is one of the most popular games that has been rising recently. The game took an upward wind as the majority of the population across the world could come together and play as a team, or as opponents. 

The game allows users across the world to join in for battling against players on an island until a blue circle closes in. by the end of a match, out of 100 players, one becomes the winner, or one squad of 4 people win the match. So, to be able to register 100 players per match, the server plays an important role. 

As you can tell, if sever gets overloaded, it can take longer than usual to load the match. Many PUBG users have reported being facing this problem called “pubg servers are too busy” while playing the game. If you happen to be one of them then go through the rest of the contents below to find out more!

PUBG Error “Servers Are Too Busy Please Try Again Later”. Why? 

Here’s a list of reasons why PUBG users get the servers are too busy pubg issue:

  1. Several players are trying to play a match on the same server. The game is accessed by millions of users every day. At one point, if too many players are online and trying to start a match, then the server can become overloaded. 
  2. Since the game is heavy and so many players are playing every day, it needs to be updated at all times with improved fixes for any bugs. Now to do so, the server needs to be taken down for maintenance. 
  3. PUBG requires bandwidth in order to run smoothly. So if you’re using another app that uses high bandwidth in-network, then the PUBG server is likely to delay in loading. 

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Solutions For PUBG Server Error!

Go through the list of solutions below if you’re facing server problem in PUBG:

1. Change Server

The first and foremost solution to start with is by changing the current server you’re on. If you’ve been constantly trying to play on a server and its busy, then simply change the server to a different one in the following way:

When you get the error message on the screen, go to the bottom and click on the icon of “Globe”. Then in the following box of “Region”, change the server location to whichever you prefer. Then “Close” the box. After that, try starting a match and check if you get the same issue of “pubg servers are too busy please try again later” again or not. 

2. Reset Network Connection

Another reason that could affect the server issue is poor signal strength in the network connection. For that, what you can do is simply reset the network. Disconnect the network connection from the PC and then turn off the router. 

If you’re playing the PUBG Mobile version, then disconnect the network form the mobile device or turn off the mobile data. Wait for a while and then restart the router sn connect it to the PC. For mobile devices, enable the mobile data and launch PUBG. 

Start a match selecting a server and see if you face any further issues while connecting to the server. 

3. Check For “Update Day”. 

Follow daily updates posted by the official PUBG Developers team. Check if there any incoming update or if nay new update has arrived. Keep in mind that the PUBG developers team take down the server to install various small updates to keep the game running without bugs. 

In that case, wait for a period of time and then start the game again. Try starting a match to check if you face further server issues. 

4. Disable Proxy

If the PC has proxy settings enabled then that could conflict with the PUBG servers. It is advisable that before starting the game, disable it in the following steps:

Go to the “Start”’ bar and then search for “Proxy” in the search bar. Click on the first result that says “change proxy settings”. Then, under the “Automatic Proxy Setup”, make sure you’ve disabled the toggle bar of “Automatic detect settings”. 

Now, go to the section under “Manual Proxy Setup”. In there, toggle the bar and disable the option called “Use a proxy server”. Now exit and launch PUBG. Check if the server is loading or not. 

5. Check Antivirus

Antiviruses have certain measures that can often stop steam clients from getting any updates. It also may affect the steam servers as a security protocol. So in that case, try disabling it for a period of time. 

While the antivirus is disabled, you need not worry because Windows Defender, an in-built antivirus is always running to protect the system. Now run the game and hopefully, the server issue won’t come up. If it does, go to the next solution. 

6. Disable Firewall

If the Firewall settings have been enabled on the system, then that could possibly be a reason why the PUBG servers are not getting connected to. For that, here’s how to disable it. 

Windows OS

Go to “Start” and then search for “Control Panel”. In there, navigate to the “System & Security” section. Click on the second option called “Windows Defender Firewall”. In the following panel, go the left side and click on the option called “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on & off”. 

Select the box that says ‘“turn off windows defender firewall”. 

Mac OS

Go to the option called “System Preferences”. Then, select the option called “Security & Privacy”. Now go to the tab called “Firewall”. Now you’d see an option called “Click the lock to make changes”. Do that and then disable the firewall. 

7. Disable VPN 

VPN or Virtual Private Network masks the IP address of a user so that they can access websites without having to reveal their IP address. But it is running while you’re trying to PUBG then it will affect the steam client from establishing a connection to the server. 

So, it is advisable that you disable the VPN when you’re playing a match. 

8. Close P2P Applications

P2P applications are those applications that use voice chat. These applications take a lot of bandwidth. As a result, the PUBG server becomes unavailable to connect due to less bandwidth. 

If you have such applications running in the background or simultaneously, then consider closing it when you’re playing the game. 

9. Wait Until The Server Is Up 

If the server has been taken down by the official Tencent team of PUBG, then there is nothing more to do than wait until they bring the server back online. For that, try following their official tweets and posts on public forums. 

Alongside this, keep checking the game once in a while. It should not take more than a few hours for the update to be installed. 

10. Update PUBG Game

Here’s one last thing you can try doing. Usually, when an update is available, you’d be informed when you open the game. So, if you’ve skipped the update and playing the older version then now is the time to update it. 

You should get a prompt on the PUBG startup screen to update it. When you click on it, you’d be redirected to the “Play Store” if you’re using the Mobile version. For PC versions, the update is available on the Steam platform. 

Download and install the latest version of the game and then open it. Log in to your account and start a game after choosing a server. By now, there should less likely be server issues.