10 Insight into WordPress That Are Best For Your Website

WordPress is a name that comes first when we think of fair website development. It is one of the most used tools of this decade. You are not a tech-guy you must first know what is WordPress and why would you need it to build your own website. And tech guys can directly jump to the advantages of WordPress.

If you ask what WordPress is, I would simply say it is a content management system(CMS) which is said to be the best. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. Data says 60 million website has used WordPress due to its dynamic nature.

The primary release was dated on 27 May 2003 by Matt Mullenweg founder of WordPress. WordPress can be termed as the most popular website management system to date. WordPress has become a must needed management system for businesses all over the world. If you want to know the power it is packed with go through the article line by line.

10 Insight: WordPress that can bring the best out of your Website

Standing in the middle of 2019. WordPress has a record of 74 million users all across the globe.

This free podium can take your Website much higher than you may think and give it a vivid outlook. And then there is 26 percent of all websites present on the Internet which is powered by WordPress.

Want to know more about how WordPress works and how to build your website with WordPress??

1. It’s Absolutely Free

Using WordPress for your website is convenient if you are starting a new business or the volume of your business is small. Be it a personal blog or a commercial website it really doesn’t matter. You will not be charged extra even if your website starts drawing more traffic than estimated.

There are no hidden charges that WordPress will surprise you with.

WordPress is known as an open-source, that will allow you to modify or alter its source code based on your website’s need.

2. The Best of CMS in Market

According to a legit source, WordPress is used by 59.5 percent of all website that works with Content Management System (CMS). It is the most popular CMS in the market and for more information, you can check out the WordPress Forums (LSI) and have an insight.

Those who have opted for a paid plan of WordPress, keep in mind that no third-party applications could be used on WordPress site. WordPress Forums can help you communicate with others and can also guide you.

3. Fully Compatible with Search Engine

Grand search engines like Google, Bing, and even Baidu prefer websites that are boosted by WordPress. It is because of WordPress’s framework and for search engines it becomes very easy to crawl.

WordPress is definitely friendly with Search Engine Optimization. It is enhanced with built-in-tools that will guide you about the Search engine friendliness of your content. If you want to check whether your content is Seo-friendly or not you just have to go with the WordPress Seo Plugin (LSI).

3. It is Easy and Transparent

WordPress can be said as the most convenient tool which needs no configuration at all. It is best for those who aren’t a techie. It is very easy to install and use. Setting up a WordPress site won’t take you weeks of your time and effort. You just have to customize according to your needs like themes you want to use and plug-ins that your website might need.

WordPress comes with built-in installation such as social media feed integrations and comments. The overall installation may only take 10-15 minutes of your time.

4. Security is the Main Concern for WordPress

WordPress generally helps keep the software of your site up-to-date. This will prevent hackers and data thieves from getting access to your site. In order to check data privacy in WordPress, few updates automatically take place due to security vulnerabilities and prevention.

 You can choose to enable auto-updates or opt-out if you want. But an auto-update is a useful feature for those who have other jobs to take care of. If you want more security you could use WordPress Security Plugin (LSI).

5. Adaptability is the New Constant

WordPress adapts to certain changes that can’t be analyzed. It can be used as a personal blog or even on an e-commerce website. WordPress is versatile enough to accommodate all needs via its extensions and useful plug-ins.

6. Customizability- A Enhanced Feature

WordPress offers absolute customization according to need. Having so many useful plug-ins and features, your site can be customized with the best theme and give it a look you want. 

Using the given theme can save you money or else you could also go with the paid version to explore more customization it offers. 

 With brilliant built-in features that WordPress have you can also add few important features to make sure that your site function the way you want.

7. Multi-Linguistic

WordPress has 160 languages worldwide that it supports. If you plan to make your site for a global business scale then the Multi-lingual feature would come handy. You will have the privilege to create a website for audiences all over the world.

The most used language in WordPress remains English with more than 70 percent of blogs been published in the same language.

8. Integrations Made Easy

WordPress is made in such a way that it gives the privilege to integrate with the most powerful tool that your site needs. It supports many third-party applications that could boost your website.

From email campaigns to most used payment gateways, all you ever need can be integrated simply with WordPress. There are plug-ins for everything you can need.

9. Social Media Integration and Mobile Optimisation

Both of these play a vital role while using WordPress for your Website. Social media integration will help you connect with users’ social media accounts. They would be able to post comments and interaction will be simple.

It is more important for your website to be Mobile-friendly because more than 60 percent of searches are done from mobile devices. The mobile-first indexing algorithm by Google suggests that they use the mobile version of a site for page ranking factors.

10. Multi-User potential

While building a site, it can take more than 1 member to keep the site running. WordPress has made it easy for you to assign various roles for different individuals.

Few Multi-User Features that WordPress offers are:

  • Administrator
  • Super Admin
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

Wrapping Up:

These 10 features in WordPress can give you a long run and help you with multiple aspects of your website. WordPress has top-notch developers working under them who are constantly working to enhance WordPress for users and provide a good user experience. So, build your first website.

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