8 Website Layout Tips To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Crowd

All the website owners try their best to capture the attention of their customers. It is important for the development of their website. More visitors means more traffic and more chances of them to convert and become customers.

Among the billions of website owners, there are some hundred websites in your field of market and in your location. You have to make sure that your website stands out among these sites. This will result in your business to grow fast.

However, the success of your website depends on its layout. 

Website Layout Tips

To make your website successful, you have to see hat the layout of your website is better than other websites. There are few tips which you can follow to achieve the desired result.

1. Having a Website Which Is Mobile-friendly

Nowadays, people prefer to use their smartphones for doing tasks like watching videos, browsing the internet, opening apps, etc. Hence, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then it may serve as a major drawback for your website.

This will lead to bad user experience, which will make the audience angry on your website. The information will be harder to read, the clicking of buttons will be difficult and so on. Moreover, if this is detected by Google, then your website may lose rank and will be pushed back on the Google page.

2. Take Control of The “Google My Business”

Google has become the most famous and powerful search engine out there. It also offers a great number of resources as well. Hence, if you take the help of the resources of Google, you will be able to make your website more visible. 

It has been seen that the main pieces of information searched by the local searchers are the location and the address. Given below are some other informations which the searches look for:

  1. Searching for business in a particular category.  
  2. The phone numbers.
  3. The duration of time for which the business stays open.
  4. Location of the business.
  5. Reviews of the business. 

It is important to keep these pieces of information to-the-point. 

3. Open Social Media Profiles

Social Media is a great platform for bringing your business to a larger audience. It proves to be a good platform for sharing your content. You can also link your own account with it to solidify the image of your brand. 

The profile of your business on social media is very relevant and can save your reputation from unnecessary press articles related to your brand and other companies.

4. Make Your Website Optimized For Search

You have to make sure that your website have the terms which a user can type to search for the products you are offering. But make sure not to overuse those terms or phrases. This is because if Google detects the overuse of keywords, your website will face penalties. Moreover, the using of the keywords must not feel forced, it should come naturally. 

So, to determine these keywords, you have to do keyword research. By doing so, you will be able to select the perfect keywords more effectively.

5. Offer Quality Content

The search engines also look for fresh content. For them, it is a sign of the relevancy and the most updated version of the content. If your website is fully optimized, and think that your work is done, then you are wrong. You have to keep adding new contents from time-to-time. This is not just for the reason that if people see new contents they will more likely to visit again.

When Google will see good content, then your chance of being in the search result for your target audiances increases. New contents will let Google know that your site provides relevant and update contents.     

6. Make Your Email List Longer

You need to have a fixed target or focus on everything you are doing on your website. When you are providing a particular service to your audience, you should make sure that your audience can take the next step and become clients. 

For that, you have to give your users something useful to take care of their problems. For example; if you can offer some useful information to your users, in exchange for their email address. Then you should always ask for permission to email them back. Hence, when you will have something important to promote, you can email them.  

7. Show Interest In leaving Feedbacks and Comments

Comments and feedback on your site play a very important role. These are proof that people have bought these products, and hence gives credibility about the product.

 Whenever someone plans to buy something, they always do their research about the product. So, when a person will be searching for your product and they may come accross your page. When they will see the comments, they will come to know about the products, and if they are interested, they may end up buying it from you. 

8. Take Care of Your Reputation

However good your product may be, there will always be some negative comments. You cannot stop this, but you have to be sure to maintain your image. In reply to any negative comment you should not use any offensive words.

However, for all the positive comments you receive, you need to make sure that the potential customers are able to see those comments. 


So, these are the website layout tips that you can follow to make your website stand out in the crowd of the million websites online. These tips will not only make your website look good, but also make it give a good user experience. When the user will find that your website provide relevant content they will return again to your website.   

Hence, by following these tips your website will improve hugely.