Test Webcam on Windows through Easy Steps


Webcam keeps you virtually visible when you are broadcasting a live show. In addition to that, it also helps you to record videos and upload them to any social media platform based on your preference. No matter the device variant you have, you can use the webcam with ease. 

But before that, the testing procedure is necessary. There are various ways to test your webcam. After implementing the process mentioned below, you will be able to deliver uninterrupted webcam broadcasting. 

3 Methods to Test your Webcam

There are three prime steps to test your webcam easily and successfully. The process includes: testing online, offline, and via Skype. 

1. Webcam Online Test

Whatever be the system you are using, testing your webcam online is one of the simplest ways to verify its workability. Search for a safe website where you can test your webcam online. 

  • Open the site with the help of your system’s default browser. Make sure that in the address bar “https” is written before the URL.
  • Search for “Test your Webcam” or “Test Webcam” something like that. Click on it and wait for a few seconds till the process accomplishes. 
  • If any notification pops up, grant the necessary permissions. Your webcam’s feed should appear on the screen. 

After that connect your Webcam via USB to your computer. Now, wait until the device responds to the system. If not, then disconnect and try to complete the process all over again. Finally, you will be able to see yourself on the computer screen. 

    2. Offline Webcam Test

Without the help of the internet, you can also test your webcam. It is also an easy process to perform in both Windows and Macintosh Operating System. 

For Windows 

Not much you have to do in Windows OS. Just click on the Cortana search box and type “camera”. Click on the default camera application on the list. If the application asks you for permission, grant it by clicking the “Yes” button. 

For Macintosh

If you are having an Apple device, such as MacBook, then click on “Finder”, in the dock bar present below. After that, choose “Applications” and the list will appear in front of you. In the folder, search for “PhotoBooth”. 

This option will reveal the feed of your system’s webcam. Now, check whether you can see your image on the computer. 

In case, if you have an external webcam, then the “Photobooth” option will show the name of the default webcam as well as the external. Choose according to your requirements. 

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3. Test the Webcam with the help of Skype

Skype is the application designed by Microsoft which allows you to chat via webcam. There are also other applications but Skype is the most convenient one. 

  • Start the application on your computer by clicking on it. When the menu bar appears, hit on “Tools”. 
  • Now, select “Options” for Windows and “Preferences” for Macintosh. After that, choose “Audio/Video” for Mac and “Settings” for Windows

After that, follow all the on-screen instructions given on the screen. Make sure that you have entered your Skype ID and Password correctly or else you will not be able to test your webcam. 

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How to take Photos on your Webcam?

Webcams have a built-in camera application installed. It will help you to click photos apart from streaming and video-calling. Shoot specialized photos with features like sweep panorama, HDR, and other features. In case you are using a wireless webcam, then you will be able to transfer it to your mobile devices as well. 

What if your Webcam doesn’t Work Correctly?

If your computer doesn’t have a camera of its own, then only you will need the webcam. Further, if your webcam doesn’t work properly, then make sure that the device is connected to your system. After that check whether you have installed the correct drivers. If not, then you might get a driver disc with the device, install the drivers from there. 

In case, you don’t have any driver disc, check the webcam manufacturer website. And, download the drivers from there. Make sure you select the OS type before downloading it. If you still face issues, then your OS might be corrupted. Restore at the earliest to fix the entire matter as soon as possible. 

Additional Information regarding the Webcam

Always choose the best webcam that suits your preference and meets the device specifications. You can easily note the necessary system requirements that are given on the retail package. If the compatibility matches, then only buy it. If you ever find the webcam is not working after purchase, immediately rush back to the retail store for replacements.