How to Recover Data from Laptop?

Laptops have made your life extremely easy giving access to a computer anywhere and everywhere. Moreover with the rise in the use of wireless internet connection laptops have somehow overshadowed it’s much more stable counterpart. But ultimately every device has a lifespan. If you feel your laptop is not giving the same level of performance as it used to its better to backup your data to avoid the hurdles of Laptop Data Recovery when the system crashes.

If you are looking to part with your old computer, it’s always better to remove all data stored on it. By removing I mean taking a backup in some other storage location. This minimizes the chances of you falling victim to cybercriminals.

recover data from laptop

How to Recover Data From Laptop?

You can remove all stored data from your hard drive in a number of ways. Implementing dedicated software you can perform the task without much hassle. But since your laptop is not working, using any kind of software is impossible. Check if your laptop has any dedicated system to reset the device.

Perform Factory Reset

Some laptops have dedicated factory reset buttons to help you out in times of trouble. Check if your laptop has one. If your laptop has the facility, follow these steps.

  • First, remove all connected wires and cable and the power source and wait for a couple of minutes.
  • Then click on the Factory Reset button to restart your Laptop. Check if it works

Format your Hard Drive on Other Laptops

It is a very common method often used by tech-savvy people not only to clear corrupt data but also to fix virus affected local drives and files. But since your laptop is not working, you can use this trick of laptop data recovery support. Just keep in mind, perform this fix yourself only if you are good with tech and have good knowledge about hardware

  • Unscrew the base of your laptop. It can take some time and effort and also refer to the device manual to avoid more damages.
  • When removed, take a close look at how the wires and cable are connected inside your laptop. You’ll need this information moving forward.
  • Then, slowly and safely detach your laptop’s hard drive from the motherboard.

Once you have successfully removed the hard drive from your laptop, get hold of a hard disk adapter to make things to access the data. Connect your laptops hard disk to another PC using the adapter and copy all available files. If his process seems easy enough you can perform a laptop backup yourself without any sort of trouble and if you are facing any problem regarding hard drive then you can take the support of hard drive data recovery service.

How to avoid such problems?

The less you depend on physical storage locations, the more secure your data is. After recovering your files, it’s wiser to keep another copy of them on cloud storage services. It’s not only safe and secure but also available from any location.

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