Optimize Website for Mobile: 10 Website Design Best Practises

Millions of businesses are being established online and people are looking for Best Web Design Practises for 2019 to make the user interface better. The first thing which comes in mind while web design is whether you know programming or not. According to data 70 percent of a website’s prospect is measured by your website design. People with growing technology has become more choosy and judgemental. There are several websites comparing with each other to rank on top.

You should remember that first impressions always matter. Whenever someone appears on your website regardless of every feature, they will definitely have a mild judgment in their mind. For establishing perfection in web designs one must stay amended to all the latest updates and current trends. The best website design could get your enormous traffic and boost your conversion rates.

Research says 94 percent of negative feedback arises due to bad design and 38 percent of users will stop visiting a site that does not attract customers. So, optimize website for mobile design and for better user experience.

Why does Design Matter?

An estimate says 94 percent of first impressions are based on website design. It matters because it reflects how your brand does business and how much preference they get. Most importantly it suggests how potential customers and existing clients see your brand and feel about it.

10 Website Design Best Practices Checklist for 2019

A Great Website design in 2019 needs eye-catching architecture, speed, and efficient optimization. After going through the latest trends we have compiled 10 Website Design best Practises for 2019 for you.

Optimize Website for Mobile

Mobile Optimisation is a mandate in 2019. Because 60 percent of customers’ total search is done via mobile devices. User preference is inclined more towards mobile devices. 

According to Google, more than 61 percent of total users bounce off the website if they have a problem accessing it and 40 percent turns up to competitor websites. You may lose a potential customer. This is why Mobile optimization plays a crucial role in 2019. Customers expect better user experiences. To solve this, big businesses also use a dedicated app for mobile.

Use White Space wisely

White space can contribute more to your site if used properly. They are sometimes called negative space. Don’t make your website clumsy, it makes the visual outlook claustrophobic for users. Use the white space often to make room for other website elements.

While designing try using margins to increase space between images and other elements. If you put all your elements very close to each other, there is a risk most of the users won’t like it.

Microlevel Interaction

Microlevel interaction is a much-needed feature to know and interact with your customers better. Visual engages people more than other elements. Things like small animations,micro-videos, and small interactions can leave a good impact on your customers and you also may have a chance to sell your product.

 This feature is being used by sharp businessmen who know its value. Micro interaction can make the user feel valued and can engage more users in the future.

Colors and Contrast should go well

The choice of your colors is very important. A study suggests the user usually takes 90 seconds to judge your website. And this judgment is mostly based on the colors you are using to design your site. The color, the logo, and your brand name, you have to make sure all these things blend well with each other.

Contrasting can be useful when you want to segregate some specific web elements form other elements like Benefit of  Product, CTA, Why choose us. The spaces where you want to attract and engage your customers more should come with great contrast.

These tricks can help get you more conversions.

Navigation simplified

While designing a website you should make your navigation simple and easy. Navigating to the section they want shouldn’t be a painful process for your users. They are on your website for a cause, they might need information on something, or they must have liked your product and want to buy one, or can check what else we have to offer.

It is better to eliminate useless dropdowns and excess links in the header or sidebar. You need to take them to the area of focus. So, try keeping it simple.

Expand your outreach via SEO

Making a good website also involves search engine optimization. The purpose of making your website good is to sell your service or product. And SEO makes sure your website rank higher in search engine results and get more traffic and conversions.

Grab the knowledge of both OnPage and OffPage SEO. You can use free tools form the market to audit your site and see if there are any flaws. An audit can say your position among your competitors and change the flaws in your website.

Analyze Page loading Speed

Monitoring page loading speed is very important. Your page loading speed is directly connected to your hosting plan. So choose your hosting plan thinking of future traffic. Adding images, videos or multimedia files in your site can impact your page loading speed.

Study says 40 percent of people bounce off if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 46 percent of users expect a loading time of a maximum of 2 seconds. Use free tools to audit speed and eliminate things that are making your page slow.

Integrate Social Media options

This isn’t an additional feature you would go for. Social media options like follow comments and share are very important for users. If a user likes the information you provide, they may want to share it with other specific friends and even follow the page. This can help increase your potential customers.

Incorporate Call to Action (CTA )

Call to action is an important feature to use in your site if you want more conversions. Customers can be directed via CTA. And when someone likes your product or service and want to opt for one, they will need CTA to let you know. This feature can be used to generate leads.

Run tests often

Test Early, Test Often” (TeTo) is a principle used by a developer to analyze issues related to your website. Testing your site often can give you an insight into what is wrong and what changes can be done to make your website near perfect.

Wrapping up:

These 10 Website Design Best Practises for 2019 will help you make an excellent website.

Web development needs knowledge and trendiest tips . And we have discussed all the important tricks that could contribute to your website and Optimize Website for Mobile. Grab your piece and get started.