7 Things to Consider for the Magento Security Issues

If you have a Magento store or if you are planning to open one, security issues are something which you cannot ignore.

Security is the thing that will protect your site from threats. If you already have a Magento store, then you should make sure that your security at its maximum. 

Magento is a popular ecommerce platform. It is used by many developers. Therefore, it handles many sensitive and confidential information about the customer payments and their banks. However, Magento comes with a in-built security system, but it is safe to follow some practices to ensure your customer’s safety.

7 Things to Consider to Ensure Magento Security

Given below is the list of methods you should follow to make the security of your website better. This will also in turn improve the experience of the users.

1. Keep Your Magento Store Uptodate

This is one of the common mistakes of the site owners and the developers. It is very important to always keep your Mgento store updated to its latest version. The team of Magento keeps working constantly to bring new features to the users. If you do not update, you will not be able to get these features.

Some of the site owners and developers have the misconception that the latest version of Mgento will not be as secure as the previous version. The Mgento team works continuously to update the security options. Therefore, you should always update your magento store without any fail.

2. Use a Strong Admin Name and Password

Your admin name and password is the most important part of your site’s security system. Therefore, always set a strong admin name and password. You should use a combination of letters,  special characters and creating your password.

Hackers can trace your login details to your Magento store. To prevent you have to use an irregular combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers, eg: Ayi*@1596Upjr0k.

You should never use this password for any other of your website. Keeping each password unique is also important. You can use password creator tools to create strong password which would be difficult for the hackers to crack.

3. Apply Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is another way to ensure your Magento store’s safety. In this, the login process for your site is broken into 2 steps; Firstly, you have to enter the login credentials, then after passing it, you have to go through the 2steps verification process.

This will help you to prevent any attacks from hackers trying to access your Magento store information. This is effective because now only login credentials are not enough to enter your site. 

Magento provides a two-factor authentication extension which puts an additional level of security. Only trusted devices are allowed access into the Magento 2 backend login. You should ensure to share your code with trusted user only.

4. Use Trusted Magento 2 Extensions

By using Magento 2 extension you can add the desired functionality for your ecommerce store. It also enhances the existing features of your ecommerce store. There are a variety of extensions which are customizable and can also be created from the ground up. 

For getting the maximum out of these extension, you need to select the correct extension, which provides a good security to your online store. 

However, don’t install any extension without first checking the compatibility with your online store and other materials on your site. You should always read about the extension before downloading any third-party extensions. Always try to download your extensions from a trusted source.

5. Choose The Correct Hosting

The Magento website hosting is a major part of keeping the Magento stores secure. The security of the server is also an important part of a successful ecommerce store. You can go for a dedicated hosting provider to ensure the security of your hosting services. 

Majority of the startups go for shared hosting services to make their expenditure less. However, they don’t realise this that this will cost them their server security. In shared hosting it is very easy to hack.

But, in dedicated server hosting you have your own server. This will make the use of security more easy. 

6. Use of Unique URL for Admin

Magento provide an admin URL by default. This URL can be recognized by anyone. Hence, it is important for you to set your own URL. Moreover, you have to keep in mind that this URL needs to be unique to be provide more security to your Magento store. 

By making the URL unique, you will make it difficult for anyone to hack into your store.

7. Make your Website SSL Certified

By making your website SSL certified, you can protect the information of your client. If an ecommerce site is not having an SSL certification, it has more chance of getting hacked. 

SSL certification helps protect your client’s credit card information, login details ets. Hence, you should definitely have a proper SSL certification to protect your site and your customers from any attacks.


So, to ensure the security of your Magento store, you need to use the methods discussed in the article. By using them you will be shielded against any attack. 

Therefore, use these methods and make your Magento security strong.