What are the Latest Magento Development Trends?

For the past few years, E-commerce business has taken over the traditional commercial business and right now dominating the world of business. Magneto is an e-commerce platform where users can build stunning and highly interactive websites. 

Since its birth, the developers have set some unique Magneto Development Trends. And Yes you can call Magneto as a CMS ( Content Management System). But among hundreds of CMS available in the market, some developers prefer to use Magneto. 

Today we will be discussing the latest magneto development trends for 2019 that the users are patiently waiting for. But the good news is that the wait is over now. In this blog, I will the latest trends of Magneto. 

But before directly getting into the topic let’s take some time to know some points about magneto.

Magneto the E-commerce Tool

Magneto a part of Adobe Experience Cloud is an e-commerce platform. It integrates both the digital and physical experiences of every customer. 

Apart from providing a great and rigid e-commerce platform it also delivers a strong portfolio of cloud-based multi-channel solutions. 

These solutions include in-store, retail associate and management technologies.

Magento offers a cost-effective way to create e-commerce websites for any kind of business. Magneto is a full featured-packed website development tool and it promises a lot to its users.

So now without wasting any more time, let’s talk about the trends of 2019 set by Magneto.

Magneto Development Trends of 2019

Through various versions, Magneto has provided a lot of features and facilities to its users which can be said as the Magneto Development Trends. These features can be utilized to create some phenomenal and exceptional business platforms.

Let us have a look at some of these development tools that have set a trend in the year 2019.

1. Introduction of AI and Chatbots

Since it has publicly released, Artificial Intelligence has or is gradually taking over every e-commerce business in the world. Both AI and Chatbots are making a revolution in e-commerce businesses.

The introduction of AI and Chatbots has channelized the growth of several e-commerce industries. That is why the online stores which are using this technology are experiencing huge gains. 

AI helps the marketer to target its ideal customers and offers a personalized shopping experience based on their previous visits. 

2.  Creating more Personalized Experiences

As per the market is concerned, e-commerce is a highly competitive field. That is why it is necessary to focus on providing some unique, innovative and creative and personalized experience to the users.

With Magneto you can develop customer-specific discounts and offers which will attract a lot of attention to the users. 

For example, you can send emails and notifications to your preferred users based on their shopping trends. 

3. Gain more Organic Searches

Developing an e-commerce website is no easy job. After you are done with setting up your website you have to gather a lot of organic traffic to rank your website higher in Google than other search engines.

Here you can use AI technology to add a smart search feature to help customers find what they are looking for.

Always try to build a website that is easy to navigate. If the user does not go through your website completely then there is no meaning of providing any service.

4. Quality images and quality content

Quality content and attractive images play an important role in a webpage. There are several websites in Google but the tendency of people is to open those websites which contain impressive and attractive images and videos.

You can do a photoshoot of your products and put them in your website catalog to give your customer better shopping experience.

By this, you can display your products from every angle possible and will help the buyers understand exactly what it looks like.

5. Social Selling

Social Selling is one of the best Magento Development Trends. Everyone knows that Social Media Ais a great platform for e-commerce business. And many e-commerce giants use this platform to sell their products quickly. 

In social media, you can promote your products and can also show paid ads to your targeted consumers and earn more profits. 

6.  Power of Push Notifications

Magneto offers a tailor-made push notification option for its users. Pop-ups and push notifications are a great weapon for an eCommerce business owners. 

You can send customized notifications to your holding customers based on their buying patterns and behaviors.

The strategy is not always to get new customers but to hold the previous valuable customers. And to apply this strategy push notifications acts as a doorway. The benefits of push notifications can lead to a higher sales rate. 

7.  Going Live and Adding Value

Live videos can make a great impact on the buyer persona. Most of the e-commerce giants are shifting to online streaming videos of their products. And this is a very effective way of digital marketing. 

Streaming of live product video is always better than traditional product marketing. The video can altogether showcase your product range. It is a legit way to increase sales and profits. 

Final Thoughts

After reading this blog you can say that Magneto is a one-stop solution to any kind of e-commerce challenge. Magneto boosts the sales and revenue of any kind of e-commerce business.

We discussed the latest Magneto Development Trends that it has to offer in the year 2019. Every aspect and feature of Magneto looks perfectly reliable to develop a stunning and cool e-commerce website.