11 Blogs to Acquire Great Logo Design Ideas

The logo is a primary part of a business. When a customer comes accross your site, the first thing they notice is your logo. It makes the customer form a first impression about your site. So to create a good logo you need to have some good logo design ideas

So, you will need some reference to some great logo designs to take the inspiration to design a logo of your own.  

Blogs To Get Great Design Ideas

These are the blogs for which you can get some really great logo design ideas and inspirations. 

1. Tailor Brands

If you are looking for some advanced logo maker in the market, then Tailor Brand is the one you should go for. It takes the help of artificial intelligence to build your logo within no time. 

Tailor Brands also consist of blogs, which tells us many interesting facts and news about logo design. You will also be able to learn more about upskilling and branding from these blogs.

2. LogoLounge

To get some of the most interesting design trends in the industry, you should check out LogoLounge. You will come to know about many logos of some of the well-known companies from different market environments. Moreover, you will be able to download the logo design books of the companies from the site’s dedicated book section. From these books, you will come to know more about the design techniques.

3. Logoed

It displays many interesting logo designs. This site has been active for over about 10 years. Hence, over these years, many good and impressive designs have accumulated in the site’s archives. 

You can access these designs from the vertically arranged thumbnail layout of the page. This gives a very simple and clean design to the website. The users just need to click on these thumbnails to get information about these designs. 

4. Logospire

Logospire has many inspirational logo designs in its gallery. If you are new and looking for some great ideas, then you should definitely use Logospire. It is very easy to go through due to its clean uncluttered design of the UI. 

It does not interfere with the designs in its gallery and let the logos speak for themselves. The details of the designers are attached to the logo designs. It contains 12 design projects on each page and there are a total of 14 pages. Among all these logo designs, you will definitely fine some interesting designs.

5. Logo Design Love

It contains many blogs on brand identity an logo designs and was built by the famous graphic designer David Airey. 

This website is most appropriate for those who are seeking detailed knowledge of the designs of logos. It also includes the knowledge of how to set the price for various projects and the business side of handling the work.

6. Brand New

It is a part of the “Under Consideration”, a graphic design enterprise. Brand New helps the users to know about how a brand identity works. 

This is best for getting knowledge about the latest trend in the logo design industry. It also contains some interesting logo designs in its gallery. By following this site, you will come to know about many things on the logo designs. 

7. Logoinspirations

This site showcases many interesting and great logo designs from all across the world. It has logos of high-quality, which are categorized under icons like, Animation, Emblem, Icon Mark, etc. 

With all these logos from various categories, you will able to get many inspirations from it. You will learn a great deal about many of the great design techniques from this website.  

8. 99Designs

It is a platform to find the most talented graphic designers. From this site, you can hire a designer or you can put up a contest to make the best logo. Then the designers will put their best efforts to build the best possible logo they can build for you. 

You will also be able to learn many new as well as old techniques for designing logos. In addition, it contains a huge variety of logos which are great and you can take some inspiration from them to build your logo.

9. LogoLounge

If you want to do research on logos, get inspiration, and have discussions on graphics designing, then LogoLounge is a great resource for it. This site was created because of the need for some reference materials for logo designs were felt. 

And, now it contains more than 175,000 samples to choose from. This site makes it easy for designers to share their ideas with other people from all over the world. 

10. Creative Market

This website contains many things, starting from using the mobile mockups, to the various products in graphics designing. Creative Market have all the information that you need to know about designing logos. It can be called a one-stop solution for getting good logo design ideas.

11. LogoMoose

It is a community for providing inspiration to the logo design community. LogoMoose displays some of the best designs of logos from professional designers from all over the world. Any graphic designer can upload their logos any time from anywhere. 

This site stays active throughout the year. And any designer can get themselves involved in the active forum of the site to share some useful tips and techniques to create the most effective logo design. 


If you are looking for some websites to get some good logo design ideas, then you dont need to look any further than these 11 websites. You will be able to get all the inspirations, ideas, and many techniques from these sites. 

Form these sites, you will also be able to learn about how to use the logo designs on your website. If you have some design ideas of your own, you can also share them on these platforms, and help others with their logo designing problems.  

If you want to hire some designers, you will also be able to do it on some of these websites. To sum it up, these websites are the only thing you need to anything related to logo designing.