Fix Flickering Problem In Lenovo Laptop Screen

Lenovo laptops are sturdy and reliable. But sometimes, it’s screen does annoying things, like it flickers or blinks often. This issue has been common among the Lenovo users. It can occur because of many reasons. It might happen because of outdated or wrong BIOS or drivers. The screen may also flicker if there is an issue in the hardware.


The good news is, there are ways to troubleshoot this problem. These methods have been pretty helpful to many users. Sometimes you might need a combination of these. So, keep trying these solutions until you find the one that makes the issue go away.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering

Update the Drivers

As I have said, outdated or wrong drivers might cause this issue. Updating the drivers, especially the chipset and graphics drivers, might resolve the flickering screen. You can call our  Lenovo Support UAE or the one near you for assisting you with the process.


You can update the drivers in two ways- manually and automatic. For manually updating the drivers, you will have to go to the website of Lenovo, find the appropriate drivers and download its latest versions. And make sure your drivers are compatible with the version of your operating system.


For automatically updating the drivers, there are many applications that recognize your system and updates the drivers accordingly like Drivereasy. All you have to do is download and install these applications and run them. Click on the quick scan option. If they detect any missing or outdated driver, they will ask for your permission to update. Click on update all and you will be done with updating the drivers effortlessly and in no time.

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Update your BIOS

BIOS is the mediator between the hardware of your laptop and your operating system. It manages the communication between them. Hence, an outdated BIOS can also be the reason for the flickering screen in the Lenovo laptop. Updating the BIOS will resolve the issue in this case.


However, updating the BIOS is a complicated process. Take data backup before plunging into the process. Your laptop might become useless or unusable if any error occurs in the process. So, it will be better if you opt for a service provider i.e., Lenovo Support UAE for assistance in updating the BIOS. Stay connected with this service provider and resolve all your technical error issues. I am recommending this service provider because I have gone through such error codes and Laptop Support UAE Executives provides me better guidance to resolve my error.


For updating the BIOS, go to the Lenovo website and search for your laptop model in the search box. Click on the drivers and software option and from there, select BIOS/UEFI. Next, to the latest BIOS update, you will see an eye-shaped icon, click on it. There you will find the option to download the updates. After the download is complete, open .exe file and follow the instructions for installing the updates. After the updates are installed, reboot your system to see if your issue has been resolved.


Troubleshoot Hardware Issues

The flickering screen could also be because of a defective cable connection or other hardware problems. You can try to troubleshoot this problem by yourself.


Make sure there isn’t any magnet near your laptop as the magnetic field around it can make the screen of your Lenovo laptop blink and flicker. You can also check the connections of the cables inside your laptop to make sure they are adequately connected to the screen. If you need any help in checking your hardware for the issues, you can also connect to Lenovo Service Center Dubai.


These simple solutions will help you in resolving the issue of the flickering screen in the Lenovo laptop. However, if the problem persists, you can contact Lenovo Support UAE. You can also drop an email or opt for the live chat support on their website and get instant help from their technical executives.