What are the Latest Trends in Website Design Statistics?

Planning is important for all businesses and enterprises. Sadly, speaking about websites there is often a difficulty or failure in planning properly. This post aims to bring a change in that.

These days, users are more dependent on online mediums like apps and websites for looking into information, services, products, or all of them. As a matter of fact, as per the eCommerce Foundation, nearly 88 percent of users will research a particular product before purchasing it online. This behavior emphasizes the significance of having a user-friendly, well-constructed business website.

A good website is one that will pass on the information and convert it into a user-friendly one. Additionally, it is also helpful in representing a brand visually and guides the user to their endpoint keeping them engaged.

Design Comprises of:

In this post, I will discuss with you a few essential approaches you need to practice for Goods Part 3. There are three common approaches that include hybrids combining elements of each keeping in mind the project and core approach for creating a web design.

1. Photoshop Mockup Approach

It is popularly designed in Adobe Photoshop, Sketch. The starting design will involve a visually accurate picture of the one internal page as well as of the home page. Your organization’s visual branding is to be applied here.

Additionally, if you have well-defined graphics to your logo, they will dominate the website design. Even though there is a lack in your brand, the designer will give their best effort in creating tasks that absolutely suits the business.

2. Browser Designing

With the growth of web design, designers are taking a diversion from the Photoshop Mockup Approach to Bootstrap or Foundation, or Froont or Typecast. With the help of these tools you can acquire rapid, iterative design. This will further enable you to check how your site will appear on other devices.

Still, you can use Graphic design tools or Photoshop to place styling elements within a design. But the majority of the design will occur outside these tools. Most of the designers find this a required evolution, as a Photoshop mockup symbolizes frames in which the content of your website is displayed. Also, the world wide web is moving at a great pace towards designing multiple platforms.

3. Element Collage Approach

Applying this method, a designer can easily assemble a category of elements that design a website. Moreover, he can do anything to look better on the website’s look and feel. In addition, depending on the design tool, the elements can be shown in such a manner that their display will change in accordance with the size of the screen.

For the designers who are using the Photoshop Mockup procedure, this a new verge and needs a change in perspective. This method is heading more regarding the components of a website completely. Also, it is helpful in creating a pixel-perfect presentation of each and every page.  

Latest Trends in Website Design Statistics and User Experience Design

  1. If 15 minutes is given to consume content, ⅔ people would love to read a well-designed site instead of reading something plain.
  2. 39% population will stop visiting a website if the downloading speed of the images is high.
  3. 51% of the masses think that proper contact information is the key element that is missing from many organization’s websites.
  4. 38% population will not visit a website if the content is not attractive.
  5. 44% of site visitors will stop visiting an enterprise’s site if contact information is missing.
  6. Tablet internet users grew by 30% between December 2013 and December 2015.
  7. Smartphone internet users increased by 78% between December 2013 and 2015.
  8. 47% of website visitors keep an eye on the organization’s products and services before going to any other areas of the website.
  9. On the homepage of a company, 86% of users want to see data about the particular company’s services and products.
  10. 64% of the visitors love to see the contact information on a company’s homepage.

Latest Trends in Website Design

It is important to keep yourself updated on emerging trends. Just like marketing, the design also changes and evolves quickly. Let me tell you the most famous trends voted by the designers, below:

  • 88.5% of votes were for flat design.
  • 61.5% earned the second position for expressive topography.
  • Broken grid comes with 38%  placing the third position in web design. 

Ending Note

You should keep in mind that creating a good website will not only be beneficial for one-time, rather it will remain as a comprehensive communication tool. Basically, a quickly loaded website is what a user expects. After designing a great website, try to keep the energy going. Maintain regularly resources and also your site visitors to find out the areas which need improvement.

As a proprietor, you need to keep in mind, user’s need and demand and research accordingly. This will help you to make informed decisions which will result in building trust and increasing leads.