Unlock The Latest Features Of The Windows 10 May 2019 Update And Enjoy Endless Benefits

Latest Features Of The Windows 10

Microsoft’s recent Windows 10 May 2019 update is now accessible across all the working machines. After performing several rounds of testing, Microsoft officially released this update.

Similar to the earlier updates, the May 2019 Update comes with a variety of new features, small tweaks, and several other changes. Thanks to Windows.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the attractive features of Windows 10 May 2019 Update. 

Unbelievable Features of May 2019 Update to Look for

Let’s have a look at the exquisite features that you can get through the latest Windows 10 update.

New Light Theme

The largest changes to Windows 10 May 2019 is a special quality light theme. It is generally an addition over the default mentioned theme for Windows 10 Home.

You will find a white version of the black theme as well. Windows 10 mode is not that much persistent across different functionalities of the Operating System. However, the white one is compatible across the Operating System.

Special thanks to the large userbase who creates a lot of apps and areas with the help of white backgrounds.

Microsoft comes with a tender twist in the default wallpaper of Windows 10. You can synchronize it with the latest light theme too.

Windows Sandbox

Windows 10 comes with the latest Windows Sandbox feature in the recent update in the month of May. Microsoft always had the fear of executing an unwanted .exe file on the system.

You can create an easy way for any individual running Windows 10 in order to launch apps in a segregated environment.

Sandbox renders a temporary desktop environment. This helps in excluding a particular app from the sandbox. This is built specially to bring security.

So, when you finish running the app, test this in this mode. And thus, you can easily get rid of the entire Sandbox.

You don’t have to build an isolated virtual machine similar to the majority of the power users in today’s tech-savvy world. However, your machine should be compatible with virtualization capabilities activated in BIOS.

Windows Sandbox is now available among the users as an integral part of Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise. This is done to target the business as well as the powers rather than focusing on daily consumers.

You have to move to the option labeled as “Turn Windows features on or off” in order to activate Windows Sandbox.

If you are a Windows 10 Pro users, it is necessary to enable if you want to be extra cautious about any .exe from the Internet.

Uninstalling the In-Built Apps

Microsoft is constantly in the struggle of allowing Windows 10 users to delete the majority of the in-built apps which are available now in the Operating System.

In the featured 2019 Update, you have the provision to kill apps such as Groove Music, Movies & TV, Calculator, Movies & TV, and many more.

In this update, you won’t be able to delete apps such as Cortana or Edge. However, with the integration of Microsoft’s web browser with the Chromium engine, you won’t be able to use the Edge uninstall feature in the near future.

Cortana and Search Separated

If you are not an avid user of Cortana digital helpline in Windows 10, then the latest features of May 2019 Update has some new options.

Microsoft is now separating Search and Cortana in Windows 10 taskbar, permitting all the voice queries that will help in typing something in the search window in order to obtain documents and files.

Windows 10 will give you an inbuilt search experience for different text queries. Whereas, Cortana will still have its own existence for the voice queries negating the amalgamation of both.

The new search interface comes with top-rated apps, files, recent activities, using options to filter through apps, email, documents, and many more. The search bar is similar to the previous one.

The only extra integration which you find is the search option across all the files on a particular machine.

Users still have a poor experience in Windows 10. Microsoft discloses “Microsoft Search” last year. They revealed the fact that the new service will provide optimum search results in both Office and Microsoft.

However, this is still in the early phase. But it signifies that the future Windows 10 updates will come up with stronger features.

This will help you to obtain the app or file which you are searching for in place of random search results.

Cleaner Start Menu

With the latest improvisation, you will find the Start Menu which appears to be more oriented in the recent Windows 10 May 2019 Update. So, what is the main advantage you get from here?

The answer to this question is very simple. With this, Microsoft reduces the pinned apps and arranges them in a different fashion.

It signifies each and ever bloatware and crap are arranged into a new section as a single unit. This can unpin easily.

However, you will only get through with the Start Menu layout if you build a new user account with the help of fresh Windows 10 PC.

A Brand New Brightness Slider

Only small changes can do the trick. That’s certainly the case of new brightness slider. You will find this mainly in the notification center. With the help of a slider, you can easily adjust the screen.

This removes the title that helps you to cover several versions of brightness. Therefore, if you look for 33% screen brightness, you can surely go for this.

Implementation of Desktop Apps in Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft is optimizing the Windows Mixed Reality VR with the help of the latest support feature released in the month of May. In the earlier versions, there is a limitation in the headset.

They are used only in Steam VR games as well as Universal Windows app.

But special thanks to this latest feature of Microsoft. Now, you can use it in Desktop (win32) application such as Spotify. Using the mixed reality app, you can launch Visual Studio Code along with Photoshop.

This new feature is compatible with all the apps in the Pins Panel. In the latest update, you will find the Classic Apps folder that displays all the desktop apps.

It is perfect if you choose to work in the virtual domain.

Windows Update Helps in Pausing Updates

Microsoft is finally working as per the demand of the Windows 10 users. Therefore, you will gain excess control. Now, with this latest feature, you will have full control of the triggered updates negating all the other features.

Most of the Windows 10 users can now pause the updates. Henceforth, Microsoft permits people to select any time for the purpose of installing the major version.

Windows 10 users don’t have to switch to other versions. You can simply stay in the current version and stay tuned to receive monthly updates. Negating the latest one.

This is really a great opportunity for the Windows 10 Home users.

Microsoft is changing the method of allocating space for the update of Windows. There are certain instances when some of the updates fail to install due to lack of space. Therefore, to make things simpler Microsoft has incorporated a separate 7GB of disk space.

This signifies that the devices with a minimum amount of storage obtain the latest security as well as feature updates without any hassle.

Sign In to Windows 10 Account Using a Password

Microsft is always striving to minimize the dependency on passwords. With the special support feature of Microsoft, there is one way to achieve that.

With the help of the latest May 2019 Update, you can easily sign in to the Windows 10 PC using the registered phone number associated with the Microsoft account.

Moreover, you can easily create a new Microsoft account simply by entering the phone number as the username without providing any password. You have to enter the code sent to your mobile number in order to begin the login process. 

Once, you log in to Windows 10, you can use Windows Hello feature or a pin in order to log in to the system without a password.

Enjoy Seamless Service Leveraging the Latest Update Feature

Now, you know the most alluring features that you can get through the latest Windows update of May 2019. All the features are there in this resourceful blog to make you understand the importance in a better way.

The latest update of Windows comes with unique traits that will make you awestruck if you go through this article once.

Moreover, feel free to provide your valuable opinion in the comment box.

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