Need To Restart iPhone? Here’s What To Do!

Restarting iPhone is easy but there are various aspects to consider if we’re talking about that. Such as restart, resetting or even rebooting. Maybe you ran into a software bug and its bee troubling you. In that case, you’d consider restarting the device. 

Well, regardless of what the problem is, it can be done easily. Simply read the rest of what’s written below on how to restart iPhone!

Restarting The iPhone: Works Every Time!

The majority of technical issues are solved just by restarting it. Be it a PC, laptop, or even the iPhone.  If the iPhone device is acting up, then restarting is the main solution that all users think of. Itis easy, and it magically works too. Be it a software glitch, a faulty application, inaudible sound system, phone display being sideways, a major OS lag or absurd display, restart solves everything. 

What happens is that when you restart the device, it ensures that all background processes are ended, any program that is conflicting with the device will have its session ended as well. However, there are two things that most users do. And that is restarting and force-restarting. While the two functions do the same job, force-restarting forces programs to quit and restart the phone at any cost. 

So without wasting any further time, let’s see what can be done with iPhone soft reset!

How To Restart/Force-Restart iPhone Devices?

How to reboot iPhone? So, here’s how to reboot iphone devices. Now, remember the options vary from the iPhone model to the model. Here’s a list of methods for restarting based on iPhone model version:

1. Force-Restart iPhone SE, 6S and Earlier

To restart the iPhone 6S, SE and earlier models, press and hold the power button and the home button that is located on the front of the screen. Keep the buttons on hold. Then, when you see that the screen has gone off, release the buttons. 

The device will undergo the restarting process. When the screen lights up, type in the passcode. Keep in mind that when you’re force-restarting the device, you won’t be able to use the fingerprint to unlock the device so make sure you remember the passcode. 

2. Force-Restart iPhone 7 Plus and 7

To force-restart an iPhone device 7 and 7 Plus, do the following steps below:

On iPhone Plus 7 and 7, the power key is located on the right side of the device. Press it with the down volume key and then hold the key for a period of time. Now, you should see a slider appearing on the screen asking youtube slide it t turn the device off. Slide the button keeping the buttons on hold 

Now, type in the passcode when the device starts up. At this point, any issues within the device should hopefully be resolved. 

3. Force-Restart iPhone 8 Plus or 8

This method excludes the use of the Home button. Do the following steps:

Locate and press the up volume key on the device. Keep it on hold for a while and then release it. Now, do the same for volume down key. Then, press the power key and keep it on hold. Now, the device will restart. 

So, when it does, type in the passcode that is asked for. The device will restart now.

4. Restart iPhone Device (X and Above)

To restart an iPhone device X and above, here’s what you can do:

Locate the power button which is located on the right side of the device.  Press and keep it on hold for a while. Also, hold any of the volume buttons with it. Once you get the slider on the screen, drag it and switch off the device. 

Now again press the power key and then keep it on hold until the screen lights up. Now you’ll be asked to write the passcode on the following startup screen. Type it and then enter into the device. 

5. Restart Using iPhone Settings

If none of the above-mentioned solutions were helpful, then try restarting iPhone devices in this way:

Unlock the device and then go to the option called “Settings”. From there, go the option called “General’. Then, click on the option called “Shut Down”. Once you see the slide on the screen, drag it to switch it off. 

Then, switch on the device using the power key and the system will launch. 

6. Reset Device

If you’ve been facing heavy issues in the device that has not been resolved by restarting, you have one last option to do. And that is to perform a factory reset on the device. That implies that whatever that is on the device, will be removed permanently. Try backing up the important data and let the ones that are unwanted, be. 


If the problem is bigger and major, it is advisable that you visit the iPhone support team or a nearby Apple Store!