Solutions on How to Recover Deleted Files in Android

Have you ever accidentally deleted all your files from your android device or ever thought about recovering deleted files from your android device?

Well, this is a very common problem, faced by a lot of people from all over the world. As we all know, ever since it’s stable release Android has dominated the global market of the mobile operating system.

Though Android does not have a recycle bin like Windows, but still the files you delete from your android device does not disappear completely. The concept of the storage system of your Android device is that your deleted files still remain in your memory of your device but the space you have deleted becomes marked as unused.

In this unused space, you can again rewrite any new data. Now you must be thinking that if the files don’t get deleted ermanetly then you can recover the files that you have deleted accidentally or by mistake.

Yes, you can recover deleted files from android. That is why I took the privilege today to tell you how to recover deleted files in android and how to recover data from android phone internal memory.

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Recover deleted files from Android device- How to do that?

Now that you have known that your deleted files are still on the memory space of your android device and you can still recover them., so now let us see how to do that. 

As per to recover the data from your android device, there are two things you should immediately that is 

  • Stop creating new data
  • Recover the lost data as soon as possible

Your android device creates some new data on your phone memory. Sometimes you don’t even know when the device saving data. New data can be created by installing new apps or update installed apps and also updating your device operating system. 

That is why it is recommended that if you want to restore your lost files then you should put your device to airplane mode and turn off any kind of internet connection. 

After you stop your device from saving new data now you can start the recovery process by using reliable recovery software or application.

There are two ways of recovering your lost data that is either by using a recovery application on your device itself or using a trustworthy desktop recovery software. It is always recommended that you should choose the second option that is recovering the deleted files by using a desktop Android data recovery application.

Steps to recover deleted file from Android 

As I have mentioned lost data and files from the android device can be recovered in two ways. 

This article will tell you how to recover deleted files from android by using a personal computer by connecting your Android device to the computer using a USB cable.

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Step 1: Connect your android device to your PC

This is the initial step of the data recovery process. So first, you need to download the phone recovery software and install and run it on your computer. After doing this whole installation process(which might take some time) you need to connect your android device to your computer using a USB cable. 

Step 2: Allow the USB debugging

In your settings section of your Android device allow the option for USB debugging. Debugging is done to allow the computer to communicate with your android device.

Step 3: Choose the file types to recover

After you turn on the debugging option now your device is connected to the computer. Now the computer will ask you to choose the file types you want to recover from your android device.

Select all those file types like documents, photos, messages or any other deleted files that you want to restore on your Android device and click the “next” button.

Step 4: Analyze Device and scan the files

In this step, the software you installed in n your computer will check the device information and it will ask for the root permission. The root access request is required to detect the lost and deleted files on your Android device.

So in your device, you will see an option asking for an “allow” request. Accept this request to accept the root access.

Once the software gets the root access on your phone, it will scan your device to gather the lost and deleted files. So just wait patiently till this process is complete.

Step 5: Recover all the lost and deleted files from your Android device

Once the software detects all the lost and deleted files on your android device it will display all the deleted files on your device screen. To see only the deleted files click on the “ON” button on the top.

Among the list of deleted files select the files you want to restore on your device. After this, you will see all the deleted files and applications restored and saved on your computer. 

So now you can easily transfer those files back to your Android device.

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Now it is a moment of peace as you have restored everything you have accidentally deleted from your Android Device.

I hope that this article will help those who were desperately looking for a way to restore their lost data on their Android devices. So I would say that just follow the above steps and you can get back any data you have lost from your Android device.