Procedure To develop An E-commerce App That The Millennials Will Praise

The number of e-commerce sites is growing day-by-day. This is due to the reason that nowadays, almost half of all the traffic on the inter does their shopping on their smartphones. Hence, it has become important for a business owner to make the user experience of their site better. 

However, the main question of this article is “How to make an e-commerce app which the Millenials will not stop praising?”. According to a study it is seen that the age-group which spends the maximum amount of time on their phones are 18-24 years. They spend most of their time using mobile apps.  

So, now you know about your audience. Therefore, you have to build an app that will attract their attention.

Steps For Creating an E-commerce App

Now, let’s see what are the steps you should follow to make an e-commerce app which the Millenials will appreciate.

Prepare a Blueprint for The App 

Defining your app should be your first step to develop your app. You have to make sure to decide to whom will this app be available to, whether it will be available to be downloaded on Android or iOS or both. 

But first, you have to know about the difference between a hybrid and a native app. Only then you will be able to make the above-mentioned decisions.  

A native app is mainly built for a particular platform. This means that they are available either on Android or iOS. These apps are created using the programming languages which is suite to a particular store. For this reason, these apps are quite responsive and offer a great user experience. 

However, the development of these apps requires more money and time. As compared to these apps, a hybrid app can run on all platforms. With the help of native app wrapper, they are able to establish communication among the native devices. 

A hybrid app can be made ready by six months’ time and also does not takes a lot of money to develop. But, these apps offer an average user experience as they use third-party applications to run. 

Hence, it is up to you to decide which one you want to go with a native or hybrid eCommerce app.  

Obtain Enough Knowledge About Your Audiences

Your target audiences are the Millenials. But that is a very big bracket of audience. Hence you need to determine your target audience based on their interests. Then you have to create your app accordingly. 

You can also communicate with your customers and get their feedback during the development period of your app. This feedbacks will let you know about the problems your users are facing. You can then solve them accordingly. 

You can check your customer satisfaction with the help of the NPS score. Even after your app is released, you should still consider the feedback of your audiences. This will help you to make further developments in your application. 

User Experience, Usability, and Branding are The Key Pillars

These three factors are the backbone of any application you create. The user experience will let the users find the feature they were looking for in the app. You will be able to make the shopping easy and attract their attention with the use of a correct color pallet, text alignment, pictures of products, etc.

The usability is the factor which will allow the user smooth navigation through your app. It is mainly related to the user interface of the application. The main focus of usability is to make the features of the app very simple to use, even for a child who is studying in primary school. This will let you make the searching of products in your app easy and also a simple and easy checkout process. 

And finally, you have to look after the branding, which is often poorly done by almost all the people. You have to ensure that the branding of your app reflects the values of the organization, the brand, logo, etc.

Make Design Plan

To get the Millenials to like your app, your e-commerce app play a very vital role. Undoubtedly, the primary thing that will draw the attention of the audience is the design of the application. The design is the factor that will determine what amount of impression you will live on your audience.

One of the important factors to keep in mind while designing your website is the concentration span of an average human being. Their attention stays intact for 8 seconds, which means if they are not able to find what they are looking for on your website in the first 8 seconds, they might leave your application.

Hence, if you apply long texts, too many animations and images, it can have negative effect on your apps. So, it is best to go with a clean and simple design without any complications. 

Payment Mode

One of the reasons for a user to use your application is the peace of mind they get. This can be achieved by ensuring that their confidential information is safe and does not face any threat from any external or internal threat. 

The most common question asked by people before making a transaction is about the security of the financial information. This has become the main concern for the users because of the increase in the number of cybercrimes. So, it becomes necessary to provide your users with good security so that they do not fall prey to these cybercrimes.   

To give full security, you need to use a secure payment gateway for your users to make transactions from your e-commerce app. 


So, the primary thing to consider while designing an e-commerce app is the user experience, usability and branding. The security of confidential information also plays a huge role. A good design is also a factor to attract Millenials. Moreover, the interest of your audience is also important. If they do not find anything interesting in your app, then they will leave it despite the good design and all the other good things. 

Hence, by following the steps discussed in the article, you will definitely be able to develop an e-commerce app that will gain the praise of the Millenials.