How can you Fix a Keyboard with Loose Keys?

How can you Fix a Keyboard with Loose Keys?

A laptop or computer plays a very important part in our life. These electronic devices help a lot to complete a task. In short, we can say that everyone is dependent on gadgets. No matter what your requirement is, you can use these devices to attend a seminar or meeting, online classes, submit the project, etc. But, if it shows malfunctioning, then it really becomes difficult to adjust. One such problem is when suddenly a key falls off the keyboard. It might sound quite unusual, but you don’t need to worry because the fixes given will help you out. And, we will discuss both for a laptop and also for a computer.

Fixes of keyboard

No matter how advanced the technology is becoming, a keyboard will always be the primary and the most crucial part of a laptop or desktop. You can say it is a way through which humans and machines interact. 

But, it often becomes very annoying when you see that you can not interact properly as a key fell off from your keyboard. You don’t need to worry, and we will discuss everything over here. 

Keyboard Fixes related to Laptop

First, we will talk about the keyboard repair of a laptop. If you find it difficult to fix the problem, you can take help from the laptop repair service Dubai

There are some primary things that you need to know. Generally, a key consists of three main things: a keycap, a keypad and a key retainer. Follow the steps as given.

1. Only the keycap fell off

If you notice that only the keycap is loose from one side, then you just need to press it from another side. You have to press a little harder, and finally, you will hear a patching up sound. But, if a key falls off, then the first thing that you need to do is to check whether the points are in the proper condition or not. 

Turn the keycap, and you will notice small plastic locks along with some other joints. If everything is fine, then you just need to place the keycap back in its position. And, make sure that the locking points are placed exactly at their position. Just press it gently; you will hear a patching sound that means you are done fixing your keyboard.

2. If the key retainer loosen

If you see that the key retainer loosens, then you need to follow the given steps:

  • First, you need to check the retainers placement pattern. You must know that it is the combination of two pieces. 
  • Get the fallen key back and check if the retainer is fine or not. You can also simply check the retainer’s hook that connects the keyboard, and it is located exactly at the back of it. 
  • You will see there are four points. Now, you need to place the retainer correctly in those four points. 

Make sure the retainer is placed exactly on the points and fits it properly. But, if you fail, then the laptop repair service Dubai can assist you. 

3. The rubber nub is damaged

Hopefully, this does not happen, but if the silicon nub is damaged, then the following steps will help you out.

  • If you notice any key is loose, then remove the key. First, remove the keycap, then the retainer, the keypad and lastly the silicon nub.
  • As the nub is connected with the base by the glue, you need to be very careful. After you are done, put back the retainer and connect it with glue. Also, attach the keycap properly. 

4. If the keycap or retainer is lost or damaged

If you notice that the holder is broken or the retainer is broken, then it is better to get a new one. A new keyboard would be perfect in this scenario. You can also ask the laptop repair service Dubai team for a key replacement service.

Keyboard Fixes related to Computer

Now, we will discuss the keyboard faults of a computer. The key fixes on the computer are quite similar to the laptop’s keyboard fixes. But still, it is quite different, as the structure is different. 

In most cases to clean the dust inside the keys users pluck out the key and clean it. And, you can easily put it back to its position. Still, we will discuss some of the noteworthy points:

  • If you notice that a key pops up, then use a screwdriver to push the keyboard out completely. 
  • Now, use a clean straw. Fold it and put it inside the bottom of the key.
  • Trim it so that it completely fits. And, put back the key at the right position to make sure you properly push it. Now, test if it is responding or not. You can also appoint laptop repair Dubai team for further assistance. 


So, this was all about what you would do if a key fell off from the keyboard. The steps are quite simple and you can easily follow them. The fixes for both laptop and desktop are given separately so that you don’t have any confusion. And, if you are not confident enough, then seek help from a professional laptop repair Dubai team.

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