12 Hand-Picked Free Magneto 2 Themes For 2019-2020

Magneto is considered as the leading eCommerce platform in the online market. It is the most flexible eCommerce solutions because of its continuous introduction of major features and updates. The theme is reliable, scalable with a wonderful community. 

With the rapid growth of Magneto platform, you need to ensure that the customer experience must be a smooth one. A theme of high-quality is capable of unveiling and reinforcing all the available superb Magneto features. Thus, taking eCommerce completely to the next level. 

In order to help you I have accumulated the best free available Magneto themes in this post. The themes comes with ready-made layouts which would be beneficial for online stores using Magneto platform.

By using any of the mentioned themes you will be able to create a website of your own in no time for any project without any hassle. All the templates are designed with high functionality and updated design layouts. Thus providing in ultra modern performance. 

Benefits to Avail From the Free Magneto 2 Themes 2019    

You can find the following benefits with the free Magneto 2 Themes:

  • You will find complete responsive layouts that works on any device, resolution, and screen.
  • The theme settings are designed adding flexibility to it. You can easily change the settings such as color, font etc. so as to customize the appearance of your online store.
  • Also, you can easily install the themes into your Magneto shop with the guided steps.
  • Magneto 2 comes multilingual facility to grab a wide range of international audience.

Top 12 Free Magneto 2 Themes 

If you are keenly looking ahead for an effective design for your Magneto shop, just have a look at the list of topmost free Magento themes that is definitely going to be worth for your consideration. 

1. Ves Need

It is inherited from Magneto 2 Blank theme and is clean and minimal. With the help of these, you can engage yourself from page one with the help of a full-width banner slider. To ensure faster loading of website and easy accessability, the theme has less customized code, module and css. Ves Need offers you various powerful features such as product list carousel, admin panel with intuitiveness, faster checking out process, off canvas menu and friendly mobile usage in nature. 

2. Ves Kasitoo

It is a theme for Magneto 2 store created by Venus Theme. It is specifically designed to point out limited time deals along with a timer count-down situated on top most section of your homepage. To stand out of the mass, you can portray a huge variety of products on the basis of new, latest and most viewed. 

3. Ves Fasony

This is another Magneto 2 theme designed by VenusTheme. This stunning pre-made theme enables quick-scan and demonstrates your product in the best possible way. Additionally, the theme also enhances responsive design and access to multiple devices with retina ready feature. 

4. Ves Vigoss

Ves Vigos is the recent released theme in the VrenusTheme’s Magneto 2 collection. The theme comes from the IU & Magento 2.0 blank theme combining with Bootstrap 3.x layout parts. In order to keep your store organized the grid based layouts are helpful. As this allows you to display volume of your content in a systematic manner.

5. EMThemes

This template is multi-purpose and is fully responsive, customizable and user-friendly with some advanced admin module. This theme fits best for every category of store. It is a compilation of visually attractive themes and amazing functionality. This improves the shopping quality in your site. 

6. 10.F2

This Theme is created keeping in mind the latest web trends. This is the reason why it comes with a compelling look combined with unparalleled functionality. In addition, it is neatly designed and there is not much overloading of visual effects. 

This enhances faster website loading speed. A well structured theme layout and menu will help you to keeping the content organized. If required, this Magneto template can easily be adapted to any other project.    

7. Ketty 

This clothing store theme is professionally designed by the latest web design trends. This will set a style to any of the fashion apparel shop. Retina-ready pictures & recent fonts, grid-based layout displays your offers in the most favorable way. Mega menu will enable your users with a complete range of accessories and garments in an easy manner. 

The template can easily fit your business needs. This theme will enhance you to build your online store more solid with its friendly SEO and compatible cross-browser.        

8. FreeGo

It is the most famous free Magneto 2 theme. You can avail the advanced modification options with this theme and get everything according to your choice. You can increase your sales with its attractive design. FreeGo has good compatibility with all the browsers.

In the Featured product section you can demonstrate your most selling products. Its off-canvas menu permits the users to organize easily the website pages.

9. Rex 

Rex is the most handy solution for any of the online store sites. It has an elegant and modern design. You can display your website pages in a handy header. Visitors can easily go through your site with the navigation menu. 

Users can also get their favorite brands through the Shop by brand feature. Also, the theme has an inbuilt section to represent your daily offers in a spectacular way.

10. Citrine

Citrine comes with unlimited color option adding your e-store with beauty and attractiveness. Further, it allows you in customization of text, label, link, and button color of your e-store. The best part is this theme offers you lazy load sliders so as to increase your website’s workflow.

11. Ves Fresh

This theme is perfect for your E-commerce food store such as supermarket, vegetable store, grocery store, food store, etc. it comes with drag and drop features and an intuitive interface. Users can easily create a responsive page and easily conduct the content layout.

12. Ves Bestmart

This theme offers you five amazing homepage variants. Using this, you can modify your homepage design as per your preference. The vertical and the horizontal mega menu enables your customer with easy search option. Also, the eye-catching theme slider gives your customer an awesome factor to stick to your page. 

Ending Note

At the time of creating an online website, the first thing you need to consider is choosing a suitable Magneto Theme. The theme should make your website look attractive and also user-friendly. 

You can download and install any of the aforesaid Magneto 2 themes for your online store. Hope this post will help you in finding the most suitable theme for your site and grab a huge mass of business in the near future.