iphone Unable to Connect to Wifi? Here’s What to Do!

Have you been experiencing issues with connecting iPhone to wifi or iPhone won’t connect to wifi? Well, if you are then sure that you are not alone in this. There are apparently several people around the world who’ve been reporting that iPhone not connecting to wifi

The majority of the reports by iPhone users claim to be facing issues with connection. While some of them have reported that they’ve made the connection but it keeps losing from time to time. Regardless of what you’re facing, go through the rest of the contents below so that you can get a brief idea of what is causing the problem and what you can do about that!

iPhone Unable To Connect To Wifi: What’s Causing The Problem?

So why can t my iPhone connect to wifi? The first thing that one would start with is a network configuration issue. However, it could also be that there is some underlying issue with the iPhone device. 

There could be several other reasons that could give rise to the issue. For example, airplane mode in the device can cause network issues. It could also be that there is some software bug within the system that is conflicting with the network

Do These Steps If iPhone Is Not Connecting To The Wifi!

Now you ave a brief idea fo what’s going on. So, without further adieu, let’s get started with the solutions for wifi not working on iPhone

1. Switch Wifi On And Off

One of the simplest and effective steps to start with would be resetting the router. If you see ht the signal strength is inconsistent or dropping every once ina while then this is what you need to do:

First, disconnect the wifi from the iPhone device. Then, go to the router and switch it off. Wait for a while and then turn it back on. Now again, connect the wifi to the iPhone device. At this point, the signal strength should come at maximum. If not, then there are more ways you can try connecting.  

2. Switch Off Bluetooth Connection

It has been reported that having the Bluetooth on ay sometimes interrupt you from connecting to the wifi. In that case, what is advisable todo si, disconcerting Bluetooth? So here’s how to do it:

Swipe down the notification panel and then tap on the Bluetooth icon to switch it off if it is on. Or you can also do it from Settings. Simply go to the “Settings” of the iPhone device and then go to the option called “General”. After that, locate the option called “Bluetooth”. Toggle the bar to turn it off. 

3. Get Rid Of Wi-Fi Networks Available

Another effective solution would e to reset the entire database of the network available in the device. So, to do that, do these steps:

Unlock the device and then go to the option called “Settings”. From there, select the option called “General”. Then click on the option called “Reset”. Now, select the option called “Reset Network Settings”. 

Now, you’d have to set up all the network connections from scratch one. Try connecting to the desire network connection and see if you face any further issues or not. 

4. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a function in all devices that restrict the device from using any network. So if you have it turned on, then it is advisable that you turn it off right away. Here’s how to do it:

Unlock the device and then go to “Settings”. After that, locate the option called “Airplane Mode”. Use its switch beside, to turn it off. Or you can turn it on if it’s disabled. Then after a while, disable it again. 

Now try connecting to the desired wifi connection and see if you’re having any issues with the connection. 

5. Enable Wifi-Assist

IF this is new to you, then here’s an interesting feature that has been added in the iOS 9 version. Wifi assist is basically a feature that automatically switches to mobile data connection if the wifi connection is producing poor signal strength. Try enabling it in the following ways:

Go to the “Settings”. From there, locate and select the option called “Cellular”. Then in there, go to the option called “Wifi Assist” at the bottom. Switch the button to turn it on.

6. Restart The iPhone Device

Restarting the system would start the device from its default configurations in case there have been changes made to the network settings. So here’s what you can do:

Press the wake key and keep it on hold for a while. Then, tap and slide on the option called “Slide to power off”. This will switch the iPhone off. Now wait for a while and then switch on the device in the same way. 

7. Reset Router

If you come to find that the device is not connecting to the wifi but is connecting to other networks available, then the problem may be with the router. In that case, try resetting the router and start it from scratch one in the following way:

Take out all the plugs from the router and disconnect it from the power supply. Then wait for a while. After that, reverse the process. Insert the plugs and then connect it to the power adapter. 

Wait till you see the blinking light. That implies that the network connection or rather the signal is available. Unlock the device and then connect it to the wifi. Check if you get any further problems while doing so. 

8. Disable Location Services In Wifi Settings

According to many user reports, it has been known that disabling the location services in wifi settings have been useful in resolving the issue. So, follow these steps:

Unlock the device and then go to the option called “Settings”. After that, go to the option called “Privacy”. Then, click on the option called “Location Services”. After that, go to the option called “System Services”. Now, finally, select the option called “Turn off Wi-Fi networking”. 

Now try connecting to the desired wifi network connection. Hopefully, the problem should be resolved by now. If not, try the next method. 

9. Forget The Wifi Connection

Try forgetting the network connection in the following way:

Unlock the iPhone device and then go to the option called “Settings”. Then, click on the option called “Wi-Fi” . among the list of all the network connections, locate the one you’re trying to connect and then tap on the icon of info besides it. 

Then click on the option called “Forget This Network”. Now you’ll get a confirmation prompt on the screen. Click on the option called “Forget”. Now you’ve erased the network information from the device’s database. 

At this point, if you try connecting to the network connection, you’d have to manually enter the password for it. Do that and see if it helped the problem or not. 

10. Upgrade Firmware For Router

If none of the easy methods have worked out fo you, then its time to update the firmware often router. For this, you’d need to note down the information of the router’s model number as well as the version number of it. You can find it on the router box itself. 

Once you’ve noted it down, open any web browser and then go to the website of the manufacturer. In there, search for the latest version of the firmware that is specific to the model number of your router. Then go to the “Download” section and then download it. Once it has been downloaded, install it. 

11. Make Changes In DNS Settings

Here’s another thing you can try doing. Make some changes in the DNS (Domain Name Server) settings in the following way:

Open “Settings” and select the option called “Wi-Fi”. Then, among the list of all the network connections available. Click on its icon on the right side. Now, in the following box, you’ll see a section called “IP Addresses”. 

Under that section, select the option called “DNS”. Then select the address provided beside it and then, use a different DNS address in there. For example, you can use the Google DNS which is 

You can also use alternatively. Once you’ve made the changes, exit the box. Then try establishing a connection. Check if changes in DNS has resolved anything or not. 

12. Update iPhone Device

As mentioned previously, if there is an underlying issue with the software such as an internal box of some programs that are corrupted, then you may get network issues. However, it can be a problem if you are unable to connect to the network. 

Try using a different network connection to update the device in the following way:

Unlock the device and then open “Settings”. Then, select the option called “General”. Then, select the option called “Software Update”. After that, select “Download” and then install the latest version. 

Restart the device and try establishing a connection with the wifi. Check if you are able to connect iPhone with the wifi. 

Hopefully, these solutions have been favorable to you!