iPhone home button not working

iPhones are one of the most famous and most advanced smartphones in the world. 

Every iPhone user takes good care of their iPhone and always tries to keep it away from any kind of harm.  

But after all, the iPhone is also an electronic device. Then that means it will cause some issues too. And that is what we are going to discuss in this article. 

Have you ever faced a situation where the home button on the iPhone is not working?

Well if you have, then today’s discussion can turn out to be very beneficial for you. As today we will see some tricks on how to fix the iPhone home button not working. 

But have you ever thought that what can cause this issue?

So let us first see some reasons that lead to this iPhone not working problem.

The home button on iPhone not working- Why this happened?

So now if we talk about the reasons then there is a lot. But the most common and simple reason is wear and tear. 

Just like a mouse button and touchpads, the home button on your iPhone also has some press limits. In case you are using your iPhone for too long and the press limit has been exceeded, then it is very logical that the home button on your iPhone will not work. 

But apart from these two reasons, there can also be hardware and software problems that can lead to the issue you are facing. 

Like corrupted data, infectious applications, malicious software and many more. 

So that’s enough of the reasons, now let us see how to fix the home button not working. Move on to the next section and you will get the answer to all of your questions. 

How to fix the home button not working?

Now that you are here in this section of the topic, then it means you have already encountered this issue several times and now you badly want to get out of the situation. 

Yes, you can fix this. 

All you need to do is just follow the solutions given below. 

Solution 1: Force Restart your iPhone

A force restart has the ability to solve most of the issues related to your iPhone. Hence this time also in order to perform the home button not working repair. 

If there is any minor software issue because of which you are getting this error. Therefore to do a force restart on your iPhone all you need to do is… 

  • From the top right corner of the device, press and hold the power button until the power of the window tray appears.
  • Now drag the slider to the right-hand side in order to power off your iPhone. 

Wait for a while. 

  • Then again press and hold the power button until the Apple logo shows up on your screen. 

Now as the operating system restarts again try to press the home button again and see whether it is working or not. 

If not then you might have physically damaged the home button. So in order to solve that problem refer to the next solution. 

Solution 2: Enable Assistive Touch

Just as mentioned earlier that in case the above solution does not work for your situation then your home button must be physically damaged. 

That is why here in this situation, you can enable the assistive touch to solve your home button not working problem. The assistive touch is a feature embedded by Apple in all of their mobile operating systems. 

So here is how you can easily enable the Assistive touch on your iPhone. 

  • Go to the settings section of from the home screen 
  • Now from here General>Accessibility> Assistive Touch.
  • Enable the switch placed right beside the Assistive touch option.  

Once you are done with all the steps, now you have successfully enabled the assistive touch feature. You will see that a home button-shaped logo on your display. 

Tap on this button just like you do with the original home button and navigate through your user interface. The best thing about the home button is that it can be moved over to anywhere to the screen. 

Apart from just this, you can also control the opacity of the button. But above everything, you should keep in mind that this is just a substitute or rather a temporary solution. 

If the home button on your device is genuinely broken then you must visit service for iPhone home button repair. There are a lot of things that you cannot do with your broken home button.

Other Options

The two solutions mentioned are the most effective and efficient way to solve your iPhone home button not working problem. 

But still in case you are not satisfied then here are more solutions you can opt for. 

Clean the Home Button

It is very much logical that if the home button gets clogged by dirt and dust then it might not work properly or can get stuck. 

Hence you can try to fix the home button by cleaning the dust and dirt from the surroundings. This will increase the sensitivity of the home button. 

Pay a visit to the service 

If none of the above solutions works for your case then its time to pay a visit to a nearby service center. 

Sometimes certain problems can lead to a non-functional home button. Hence it is always recommended that in this type of situation you should always consult with a professional. 

Upgrade to the latest iPhone

This is the last option you are left with.

In case you are using the iPhone for too long. The company might have stopped providing service to the model you are using. 

In this, you cannot fix the home button not working anyway. 

Therefore, all you can do is upgrade to the latest version of the iPhone series. 

In the End

So now we can finally conclude that the iPhone home button not working problem is a very common one and is faced by many iPhone users from all over the world. 

In the above sections, we have done an in-depth discussion on the solutions which will help you to fix the home button on your device. So just follow the solutions and you will be good to go.