Discord Not Transmitting Voice? Here’s The Fix!

Discord not transmitting voice is a common issue happening around the globe. The discord users have been reporting that they’ve been unable to communicate with other users on the channel. But they can hear other users during communication. The problem is more common on the desktop version of the application than the mobile version. 

On the other hand, some users have reported that they’ve had no such transmission issues while using the web-based platform for Discord. Regardless, if you are one of the people facing the discord not transmitting voice problem, then let’s get started!

Methods to Apply If Discord not Transmitting Voice

Before we begin with the methods, it is essential to figure out if the mic is working properly or not. Try using any other application that requires the use of microphones to check if discord mic not working. Apart from that, here’s what you can do if the mic not working on discord:

Method 1: Sign Out of Discord Application

Try signing out of the Discord account in the following steps if discord won’t pick up mic:

Open the “Discord” application and go to the bottom panel. Click on the icon of “Settings”. After that, go to the option called “Log Out”. Confirm the process by clicking on “Log Out” again. Then exit the application. 

Re-open Discord and enter the login details to get back into the account. Go to any of the channels and try communication with other users. Check if you’re audible to them. If not, then these more methods to try. 

Method 2: Open Discord As An Administrator

Discord uses User Datagram Protocols to transmit data over the internet. If the privileges have not been given to the application, then it could be a reason why you’re inaudible. In that case, try these steps for discord not detecting mic:

Right-click on the application on the desktop screen. Click on the option called “Run as Administrator”. Once Discord starts, try communicating with other people. Check if they can hear you. 

Method 3: Tweak AIS (Audio Input Sensitivity)

If you’ve made any changes in the Audio Input Sensitivity before, then maybe that’s why the mic is not working properly. Or if you’ve disabled it to take audio input automatically, then the sensitivity bar slides to the left. As a result, the mic will not take any audio input. To tweak it, do these steps:

Open the” Discord” application and then go to its “Settings’ below. Then, go to “App Settings”. Select the option called “Voice & Video”. Scroll below to the “Input Sensitivity” section and then toggle its button to enable it. 

Talk through the mic and check if the app shows a green glow. If it does, then great. Now disable it. Slide the bar and position the key in the middle. Talk again and check if the bar is pulsating. If it does, then the problem is solved. Go to the next method if discord not picking up the mic

Method 4: Choose Headset In Input Device

If you’ve not made any headphone selection in Input Device then Discord does not know which headphone to pick audio from. If the Input Device has been set to Default then it is likely that Discord will choose the mic which is built-in. To make the app use the correct mic, do these:

Open Discord’s Settings and go to “App Settings”. Then click on the option called “Voice & Video”. Go to the section called “Input Device”. Then choose the correct microphone for audio transmission. 

If you’re not sure which headphones mic Discord will take audio input from, then do this. Go to the audio icon on the desktop panel and then select “Recording Devices”. Talk through the headphone that you’re using and check which one is showing signs of light. Note down the name and select it in the Input Device. 

Method 5:Turn Off Exclusive Mode (Windows)

A built-in function called Exclusive Mode is known to be taking control of audio drivers. That may cause conflict with Discord’s VoIP settings. If the function is turned on then disable it in the following way:

Click on the audio icon on the bottom desktop panel. Right-click on it and then select the option called “Recording Devices”. Go to the “Recording” tab and then click on the “Microphone”. Then, click on the option called “Properties”. 

In the following box, go to the “Advanced” panel and you’ll see a section called “Exclusive Mode”. Untick the box that says, “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”. Then click on the “Ok” button and exit. 

Now restart the system quickly and open Discord. Check if the audio is being transmitted or not. 

Method 6: Upgrade Drivers Of Audio

The problem could be persisting if the audio drivers are not updated to its latest version or if they are corrupted. To update audio drivers, go to the official website of the manufacturer. 

Based on what driver you have, search for its latest version that is compatible. Then download and install the update. Once it’s done open “Discord” and check if you’re audible or not. 

Method 7: Tweak Privacy Settings

A recent update released by the Microsoft team has tweaked the access of a microphone to any third-party application. So it has been changed, it is likely that audio will not be able to transmit in Discord since it is a third party application. 

For that, what you can do is permit access from Windows to Discord application in the following ways:

Go to the Windows “Start” button and search for “Privacy Settings”. Select the result. Once you’re in the following window, go to the left panel and select the option called “Microphone”. 

Now look to the right and you’ll see a section called “Allow Apps to access your microphone”. Underneath that, toggle the bar to allow its permission.

Now go down and check which applications are getting access to using the Microphone. Check if Discord is one of them or not. If it is, then, close the window and then launch Discord. Try communicating to check if they can hear you. 

 Method 8: Enable Push To Talk

Here’s one last thing you can do to fix discord not transmitting voice. Make changes in the “Input Mode” in Discord. Change it to “Push To Talk”. However, it can be a bit difficult because you’d have to push a button to communicate every time. 

Simply open Discord application and then go to its ‘Settings” in the bottom. Then select the option called “Voice & Video”. In the following box, tick the box that says “Push to Talk”. 

Now go back to any of the Discord channels an connect with your friends. Ask them if you’re now audible or not. 


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