Some Common Windows Error you face in Windows OS

Microsoft Windows operating systems

most common error windows

Microsoft Windows consists of several graphical operating systems which is developed, marketed and sold by the leading brand, Microsoft.It caters to a positive sector of the computing industry. Windows, a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS which leads to the growing interest in graphical user interfaces.
While working on your computer, it is very common to bang on an error. Errors suggest us that something is wrong with your computer. People are least bothered about exploring these error and perform an exact task that might fix such problems.

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Windows common problem

Below is a list of a few of the most common Windows problem you may face

Windows update error: You will not be assisted much with windows error code. Repeating errors on a regular basis will lead to difficulty in nailing down the error.
This error typically arises when a backup or Windows installation fails.

Renaming the software distribution folder, altering some of the registry files and replacing the corrupt files are some of the ways to fix this issue.


DLL Errors: It is a shared file record that allows many programs to perform some activity. These are built with Windows so that the software does not require particularly to say, print a test page. Whatever the printer software you are using, you click Print Test Page; it calls the default Windows method.
Replacing one file cannot fix DLL errors. In case if you replace it with one file, the program keeps on reflecting about another DLL error. A few manual steps can help you to fix this problem.
Blue Screen Stop Errors: It is one of the most notorious errors of all. It occurs when Windows keep running into a continuous problem which cannot be sorted out. Microsoft has redone this error in an easier frame. It consists of a scowling face and an error message.

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You may come across various blue screen errors. Here are few steps that might help you out :
Check whether the cables associated with your drive do not loose.
Run the Check Disk command by right-clicking on the Start Button.
Choose Command Prompt (Admin).
To keep the scan running at startup, you need to reboot your system.

Access Denied Folder Errors
Access Denied Folder Errors
Access Denied Folder Errors: It is one of the permission error that occurs with Windows.
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When you try to open a particular folder, Windows will remind you that you don’t have proper permission to open this file. If you are a PC user, you can quickly fix it by telling the windows that you are the only administrator.
Windows bridges the gap between PCs and tablets. It is a cohesive package of old and new features. With advanced technology, Windows is updating. The upgrade process is mostly painless and free for most Windows users.
Although windows are the most popular operating system across the world, it incurs various errors. Above we have discussed some of the Windows error codes and ways to fix it. It is well and good if you can fix the error codes with the solution provided. In case you are unable to fix these issues contact Microsoft Service Centre for better assistance.