Site Mobile-Friendly: What are the Best WordPress Mobile Plugin?

Nowadays everybody has a mobile phone even if they don’t have a computer or a laptop. It’s been seen by statistics that by the year 2020, 90% of people in the world who are above six years old, will have a mobile phone. 

This made the making of your WordPress site mobile-friendly more important. Failing to do so may cost you your business. 

A user can form an opinion about your site in just 5 seconds. If you are not able to impress your user within this 5 seconds, then they may end up leaving your website. The reasons can be like slow loading time or are not working.

Therefore, for these reasons you need to make your site optimized to mobile devices so that it can run smoothly on them.

However, the procedure to optimize your website for mobile devices is not that difficult. You can easily do it with the help of WordPress Plugins. Lets first know about Plugin.

WordPress Plugin

A plugin is also known as a module or extension, is a part of software which provides extra features to your website.

Since WordPress is free, there are hundreds of thousands of plugins. 

These are written in the programming language of  PHP. Therefore, they are easy to install from the administrational page on your WordPress site.

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

In the world of WordPress, you can find a plugin for almost anything. Plugins are used to implement any features on the websites.

So, the plugins which can make your site mobile-friendly are:


WPtouch is the most plugin when it comes to mobile solutions. It has been downloaded by more than 6million people.

This plugin will help you to make your site more user-friendly and mobile-friendly. It will optimize the site to increase its speed and easier to read. 

WPtouch automatically applies a simple theme which is suitable for the mobiles. However, the basic theme of your site’s theme will remain the same.

Furthermore, your contents will not change. WPtouch just transforms your content to support it on different screens. Your URL for the website will also not change.

Since WPtouch is recommended by Google, you can see a considerable boost in your mobile search rankings. This will result in the appearance of your site in the organic search for any particular word or phrases which are connected to your website.

You can enjoy the following flexibility with WPtouch:

  1. Add or remove any pages.
  2. Controlling and customizing the pages and the menus.

WPtouch has free as well as paid options.

By using the free version you will have access to only one mobile theme. Along with this you will also have access to customizing features like examining the language, changing the color and unique elements for helping you to match your brand, coding style and other designing options.

However, with the paid version of WPtouch you can get access to seven different options for themes and more levels of customization. It also includes a cache option for mobile, which can support images, A/B testing, and posting ads.

WPtouch provides a very easy to configure the system. When you have enabled it, your site will get optimized automatically for mobile phones without you having to change any settings.

Wp Super Cache

It is one of the best plugins which is used for optimizing a website. It can increase your website speed and also can be parallelly installed with Auto Optimize. 

Since it is a cache plugin, it can save your website’s pages increase their speed, as they don’t have to load all the WordPress scripts all over again.

Wp Super Cache helps to transform the dynamic PHP codes as they are hard to read for the servers into static HTML files. This will make your site smooth for the users. Your users will not be able to notice the difference even when the traffic will be high.

This needs no configuration, making it most suitable for the newcomers. Those who are not well versed with the technical side of caching, they just have to activate the plugin and then it will do the things on its own.


It is a bit more complicated as compared to Wp Super Cache. It comes with a collection of features which will help you to increase the traffic on your site.

Jetpack comes with a huge variety of fully customizable features straight from the administration panel, like:

  1. Traffic monitoring statistics.
  2. Social sharing buttons.
  3. Newsletter subscription options.
  4. Customization of the profile of the user.
  5. Helps to suggest grammar for your articles.
  6. Adds photo gallery.
  7. It has CSS editor.

And, some of the famous features of Jetpack are:

  1. Option for related posts– This feature will make related article appear at the end of each content. This will allow the users to view other pages related to the same topic they are reading about.

This will help the site to grow its traffic rate by keeping the people on your website.

  1. CDN imaging- This will help you to download images to your server, and hence will make your site to load faster. 
  2. Statistics for your Website- Statistics will help you keep track of your traffic rate on your website and also which pages and blogs are popular.
  3. You can post your messages directly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  4. Makes sharing easier for the users to share on social media.
  5. A more improved comment section that that on WordPress.
  6. It can create a contact form very quickly and easily.

Jetpack is designed in such a way so that it can be useful to everyone. By using Jetpack, you can use all the features and you will not require any other plugins.

Auto Optimize

Whether you are using WordPress or any other web hosting company, Auto Optimize is the best plugin to increase your upload speed. It helps to make your database more efficient, deletes your cache, and aggregates scripts. 

Moreover, it can also make your website loading time very less. It reduces the loading time by 30%. This is great as more a user has to wait, the more is the chance that they may move to other websites.

Auto Optimize plugin is free to use. Hence you do not need any expensive optimizing tool to increase your loading speed.


It scans your website and finds out what is slowing it down. It then provides a one-click solution like:

  1. Caching- It provides a complete caching package to help the pages to load faster. It takes the help of built mainly to handle pages, browser caching and Gravatar images.
  2. Asset Optimization- You can change your loading place of your files, recorder, combining files to give better performance, minify, and compress.
  3. GZIP Compression- Multiply the number of JavaScript, HTML, and stylesheet transfer. 

By using these fixes, you will see improvement in loading speed of pages and PageSpeed scores. Moreover, this will also satisfy your users.

Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

Many of the plugins inserts their codes on the pages they are being used. This makes the work of plugins easier. However, this process makes your website slow.

The Asset CleanUp plugin solved this problem by scanning all the pages for any assets. At the time of editing, all you need to do is to choose the CSS/JS codes. This will help reduce the bloat.


Google has put emphasis on making a website optimized for mobile phones. In the near future, the number of mobile users will increase and so all the websites need to optimize their site for mobile phones.

So, use these plugins, which are by far the best WordPress mobile plugins available, and make your WordPress site mobile-friendly.