Creative Layouts for News: Best WordPress Magazine Themes

If you are planning to create a website for news and magazines, then you need good magazine theme ideas to make your site more attractive. 

But, why it is so important to build an attractive site and not a simple site. Let’s see what are its advantages:

1. The user form their opinion about the design in 17ms- It has been confirmed by Google that the users their opinion about the website in the first 17ms.

Websites having minimum visual complexity is considered more attractive. You should always try to make your website design familiar to the people and simple. People have a general idea of how an ecommerce page looks like. Hence, when they see an unfamiliar design, they are less likely to like it.

However that does not mean you should not try new design. Apply new design by staying within a fixed pattern

2. The users need only 2.6 seconds to settle their eyes on primary areas of the webpage-

You need to be very calculative as to where to put the eye catching elements on your website. This is because if the users do not see anything interesting, they go to another website.

Hence you should always try to keep these elements at the start of the page. However, these things should be related to your news articles.

3. The design helps to form the 94% of the first impression- It’s generally seen that if you have a good design, it’s more likely that the user will stay on your website for a long time.

By building an attractive site you will also be able to get more of the audience it is targeted to.

Let’s see the ways by which you can create an amazing and attractive wordpress website for news and magazines

Select the Correct Platform for Developing your Website

WordPress is a great platform for building your website. By using wordpress you can save a lot of your time and money. 

You can find lots of website building software on the internet, but it is essential to choose the correct one. Whether you are planning to build a small and simple new website or a big and attractive news website, WordPress is the best option out there.

WordPress is a self-hosting platform which makes it provide a wide range of features. Using these features you can customize your site as the way you like.

Being a flexible content management system (CMS) which can be used by both big and small enterprises alike. It is absolutely free and don’t have any licence fees. You can use some experienced developr’s help to build a website for you.

Today, WordPress runs almost 33% of the websites. It is also very beginner-friendly. Hence, these features makes it the most popular option among the people who are planning their first startups and businesses. 

Choose a Domain Name and Hosting Plan

After you have planned to open a website for news and magazines using WordPress, you need to choose a good domain name and a perfect hosting plan for you.

You have the most suitable domain name from a trusted source and buy it. 

In case of hosting services, there are many options available in the market. You can choose the one which is most suited to your needs.

Use the Best WordPress News Theme

WordPress provides a huge variety of options for the theme. It is highly customizable. Hence, you can make the most appropriate theme best suited to your website.

When you are building a news and magazine website, you can go for Ybrant theme. It has a very attractive layout and one can customize it the way they want to. The Ybrant theme gives a very standard look to your website. 

Ybrant has over 15 in-built customizable widgets. It also offers mega menu support, which helps to create an attractive mega menu in your website. 

Use Related Elements and Pages

While creating a theme for your website using WordPress, you need to see to it that the theme is attractive and user-friendly. The theme should be relevant to your brand. 

You can use images on your websites which are related to your news articles and at the same time should be eye catchy. By doing this you will be able to attract the attention of your targeted audience. Moreover, you can also get new audiences.

You should use sections like home page, testimonials, latest news updates, contact on your website. This will make your website more informative.

You should use the following information on your contact form

  1. Contact form.
  2. Email address.
  3. Phone number.
  4. Physical address
  5. Hours of operation.

Use of Tools to Help Generating Leads

You need to use some lead generating tools in your website to help you grow your business. Using WordPress news plugins, popups or social media buttons are helpful in growing your mailing list. 

You can encourage your users to share the page on social media pages.


So, by using these methods you can build an attractive news and magazine WordPress website. You may feel that doing so much customization is difficult. Do not worry, there are many ready-made themes which you can use. 

Therefore, use these methods to build your website the way you want to and see it flourish.