15 Best Shopify Themes For Ecommerce Sites 2019-2020

If you are planning to start out in Shopify, then, first of all, you have to get your site customized. So, to customize your site effectively, you have must know about the best Shopify themes for eCommerce.

These themes will help you to optimize your site. Hence you will be able to get the best result from your site. 

The Best Shopify Themes For Ecommerce Sites

Let’s see the best Shopify themes and what are their features which makes them so famous.

1. Brooklyn

This theme is best suited for those who sell clothing on their site. It is quite an old theme and holds a good track record. This is very effective in attracting the client’s attention.

It’s features are:

  1. It offers 2 primary styles.
  2. Contains a feature of the slide-out cart.
  3. For the displaying of products, it uses the dynamic grid feature.
  4. Mobile-friendly design.

2. Focus

This has an interesting but simple interface. The Shopify review theme has approved this theme. 

Its features are:

  1. Search engine optimization friendly. 
  2. 3 pre-sets theme.
  3. The useful feature of zooming.
  4. Very responsive.

3. Jumpstart

It was mainly designed for crowdfunding matters. But, over time, it has developed to handle different types of applications. It is very simple and professional.

Its primary features are:

  1. The home page contains videos related to the products. 
  2. The ability of goal-tracking.
  3. It provides a home-page module that is customizable.
  4. Mobile-friendly.

4. Fashe

This is best if you are dealing with merchandises. It offers many customizable features for the front page. 

Its main features are:

  1. Its functionality is very sorted.
  2. The navigation tools fixed. 
  3. Its header is in the form of a slideshow of a full-width.
  4. An HTML version is also available.

5. Sports Store

It is clear from the name that it is primarily designed for the sites which deal with sports equipment and clothing. This theme is equipped with features and very responsive. 

The key features are:

  1. Links for social media platforms.
  2. Feature of a timer. 
  3. It also has banners for the products.
  4. The design of the store page is of a 3-column structure.  

6. Narrative

If you deal with small inventories, then it is the perfect theme for you. The reason for its name is due to the reason that, it allows you to tell your story on the canvas it provides on the home page. 

Its main features are:

  1. It allows you to give product videos on the homepage.
  2. The home-page has a slideshow covering the full-width of the page.
  3. Consist of 3 styles.
  4. The product pages are fully customizable.

7. Fleur De Lis

If you are a dealer in flowers, then it is the most appropriate theme for you. This theme draws its inspiration from flowers and other natural things. Another feature of this is that it is ready-to-use. To use it, you dont need any extra skills.

The primary features are:

  1. Multipurpose.
  2. Links to social media platforms.
  3. Highly responsive.
  4. The design is very simple and uncluttered. 

8. Pop

This theme is very clean and minimalistic. It is best to showcase any product. This theme has 2 primary style options. You can see them as the bone and toy respectively. The bone part of the style consists of white space. However, the toy part of the style do not contain any color sidebar.

Its key features are:

  1. Excellent design. 
  2. The sidebar navigation is prominent. 
  3. Customizable homepage sections.
  4. The feature of the slide-out cart. 

9. Venture

This theme provides a lot of features and color options. Using all these features, it optimizes the overall look and feel of your website. 

The main features are:

  1. The slideshow is of full-screen format.
  2. Its design is very elegant. 
  3. It offers 3 different styles for different parts of your website.  
  4. This can hold many catalogs of different products.

10. Annabelle

It is a very responsive webpage. This theme offers 3 primary options for design. With these designs, the site will become more attractive and eye-catchy. This theme is suitable for different types of businesses. 

It’s key features are:

  1. 3 banner options for the homepage. 
  2. Carousel for the products.
  3. Customizable product pages. 
  4. Highly responsive. 

11. Simple

It helps to promote your product with the help of the minimum feature necessary. In addition, it is very SEO-friendly and hence ranks very good in the search engine.

It’s main highlighted features are:

  1. Easy sidebar navigation.
  2. The related product section is located separately..
  3. The feature of zooming images.
  4. It was developed by keeping the mobile-friendly nature in mind.

12. Supply

If you deal with clocks, photo gears, and other accessories, then this is the perfect theme for you. This enables you to sell your product through various types of payment methods. 

The highlighted features are:

  1. Advanced option for filtering. 
  2. Compatibility to universal browser.
  3. Fully mobile-friendly.
  4. Catalogs for all kinds of products. 

13. Minimal

If you are dealing with high-quality fashion merchandise online, then it will be the aptest choice for you. This site was built by keeping in mind the fashion merchants online. It contains many bright background colors, which amplify the look of the merchandise. 

The primary features are: 

  1. Advanced option of sorting. 
  2. Clear and simple design.
  3. Best suited for the apparel store.
  4. Fully mobile-friendly.

14. Boundless

It works flawlessly on both PCs and smartphones. The theme is very responsive and will give you the desired outcome. You will get only 2 option for color; white and black. However, whichever option you go for, you will see the same benefits.  

It’s features are:

  1. Very sensitive.
  2. It’s design is very product-focused.
  3. Sticky menu.
  4. Fading effects. 

15. Debut

This is primarily built for the newcomers who are about to start their career in Shopify. Since it is for the newcomers, its design is very simple. Its installation and operating are very simple.

The key features are:

  1. The menus are flexible. 
  2. The outcome is different for different site owners. 
  3. The testimonial blocks are built-in. 
  4. Mobile-friendly.


So, these are the best Shopify themes for eCommerce. You have to choose a theme which is best suited for you. By using these themes, you will be able to get a very good outcome from your Shopify site.