Top 14 Best Financial Website Designs

We make our judgments on different online websites based on their design and their contents. While promoting your financial service websites, you have to ensure that it is user-friendly and clean. These features will make the clients be interested in your website rather than other websites.

You must your website design in such a way that the customers feel that they are in the correct place.

Best Financial Website Designs

The parameters for making a website attractive to the customers are: 

  1. Good Homepage having relevant and interesting videos and images.
  2. The designs must be responsive and clean.
  3. Call to action button must be easily visible.
  4. The logo of the website have to be unique.
  5. Social account links  
  6. A page of “About us”.
  7. An easily manageable backend. 

These websites follow all these parameters:


This site offers best-valued insurance for residential properties to the landlords.

 These following characteristics make it one of the best finance website design:

  1. It uses call-to-action buttons very appropriately and in the right places.
  2. Their color of white and black along with an accent color offers a sharp and clean look.
  3. It has been optimized to be used on mobile devices also.


It offers a better living standard for the customers by making a better financial life for them. Their features are: 

  1. They implemented a new development on their navigation bar. This improvement is able to attract the attention of the customers.
  2. Their CTA is in the form of animation.
  3. Its pages are very clean and uncluttered. The information which is of interest to the users is only present on the landing page. And all the information which are not needed immediately, are stored within a tag.


It was established almost 25 years ago. Moreover, it is the biggest financial comparison site in Australia. It has experts, who can offer 4,000 different types of home loans for the users.

It’s features are:

  1. The information is very easy to spot due to the use of white space and contrasting blue color. 
  2. When the mouse is moved over its navigation bar, a drop-down menu appears.
  3. It appears professional with the minimalistic use of animation.

4. InfoChoice

You will be able to compare various types of credit cards and loans with the help of InfoChoice. In addition, you will also be able to compare different types of financial services available. Then you can choose the best option for you. 

Its unique features are:

  1. The special offers get displayed on the home page daily.
  2. Different kinds of calculators are on this site. It helps to calculate split, lump sum, and home loan, principal and interest are available. 
  3. A visitor is able to set an appointment time with any experts.

5. Commonwealth Bank of Australia

It offers a huge variety of services like business products, travel products, and financial planning. For this reason, it is one of the best websites to provide integrated financial services.

It’s unique features are:

  1. They use only three different colors; yellow, white and black. These palette gives a very streamlined feel to the website and also makes it memorable to the customers.  
  2. Their primary services are located in the navigation bar, which is at the top of the page. This makes its access easy.
  3. You can download their app from the link given on their website. It helps to save a lots of time.

6. Credit Karma

It will help you to compare the services which affect your credit score the most. You can also ask for a rating of your credit score. 

Their unique features are:

  1. It obtains its distinctive design style by using primary colors, for example- grey, black and white; for only the accent of the buttons and the images. This prevents the site from turning into a boring experience. 
  2. Drop-down menu from the navigation bar when the mouse is taken on the top of it. 
  3. The link for the app is available on Google Play, as well as the App Store.

7. ANZ International Banking

This is very useful for people who are planning a trip abroad or going to live there. It helps to set up a bank account from other countries.

The features which make it stand out are:    

  1. With its help, you will be able to build a bank account online. You will also be able to make money transfers to countries.
  2. Currency converters and exchange rates are some of the added features.
  3. The design of the page is done in such a manner that you will be able to see the products first and all the related offers with it.

8. AIA

It provides financial security to the people by protecting the income and providing assistance regarding business expenses. 

The features which make it one of the best finance website design are:

  1. The images they uses are trendy and modern and matches with the expectation of the visitors. These images also matches with their corresponding services.
  2. It uses clickable icons.
  3. There is a drop-down menu when a user hovers over the navigation bar. 

9. AXA

It has been providing financial security to the people and their families since 1859. Their main services provide life insurance, retirement planning, employee benefits for businesses, and financial advice.

It is one of the best finance website design for the following features:

  1. The work services and family services are provided separately. It makes accessing of the option easier. 
  2. The customers who are looking for help are always prompted to choose the services which are best suited to their needs. 
  3. It has a vertical button which helps you to give feedback. This helps the site owners to know about the user experience.

10. PayPal Australia

The main moto of PayPal is to make the money transferring easier. It also ensures safety and security in the process of tranferring. You can save your card data in it so that you dont have to enter the card details every time.

The features are:

  1. The CTA button is very prominent. 
  2. It provides different links for the iOS and Android apps. 
  3. Demonstrate a very simple and informative graphics for showing the working of PayPal.

11. SoFi

Its main motto is to help those related to home loans, personal loans, and students. They also offer investment and money services.

Its features are as follows:

  1. The navigation bar consists of all the options available on the website.
  2. If you click the CTA button, a product page will appear on the current window rather than a separate page. It helps in going back to the home page very easy. 
  3. The benefits offered to the customers are shown with the help of images rather than texts.

12. Westpac Banking Corporation

It is well known for its excellent financial services. Moreover, it has customers of more than 14 million. 

Its unique features are:

  1. All the necessary services and products are located at the bottom of the hero image. 
  2. Due to the horizontal structure of the site, the real-time exchanges can be viewed in one glance.
  3. Links to social media is given at the bottom of the site.

13. Bendigo Bank

It is one of the well-known banks in Australia. When it comes to their customers, they are very focused on satisfying them and provide as many facilities as possible.

It’s features are:

  1. It has a large and visible section for the “Help” option to make its access easier.
  2. The information when clicked opens a window on the same page.

14. Betterment

It is a platform for anyone who is looking to invest and an online financial advisor. Their motto is to deliver excellent service to their customers. 

The features which make it one of the best finance website design are:

  1. They make use of videos to let the customers know about their services.
  2. The links for the app are clearly visible.
  3. It has a very clean and simple look with the use of white and black color palette.


So, these are the best financial website designs available out there. From these sites we understand that the design is not the only important aspect of a website, you also have to make it user-friendly and accessible. Also the security of your customer is also very important with the increase in the security threat. 

Hence, by taking inspiration from these websites, you can now build your own website.