Fundamental Settings You Require to do after Installing WordPress

The name WordPress must be a very familiar term to you if you are a big part of the world of Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is an online and open-source platform used as a website developing tool written in PHP (Personal Home Page).

This platform is one of the most straightforward and the most well-preferred procedures to build up your very own website. There are over 34% of websites around the world that are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that anyone can use for free. With WordPress, you can create a perfect content for your website which is one of the most important parts of making a website.

Importance of using WordPress

Working with WordPress is common for developers. Well, it plays a very important role in creating amazing content for various websites. The following points denote the significance of using the WordPress blogging platform.

  1. WordPress is an absolutely free application. You can even download it for free, install use. Modification of the application has also become simpler with the passing time.
  2. Applying themes and plugins and customizing them on your website is also easy with WordPress.
  3. WordPress is a completely safe and platform free from all sorts of threats for giving a framework to your website.
  4. Usage of high-quality codes while writing WordPress produces excellent web content and the design of the website also gets upgraded. This makes search engines love WordPress more. In short, WordPress SEO friendly.
  5. It is very easy and simple to monitor WordPress as it comes with an inbuilt updates management system. WordPress allows you to use a WordPress backup plugin to generate backups automatically. This protects your data from getting into the wrong hands.

Superiorities of Using the WordPress Platform

WordPress is so much popular in the digital marketing world for some specific reasons. After having WordPress installed, you can start working on it more reliably after you come to know what benefits it offers. The principal advantages of WordPress are:

  1. WordPress takes complete responsibility in making your website full of content that will be totally free from any sort of flaws.
  2. This is an open-source platform where it can be self-hosted. More than fifty thousand plugins like slideshows, SEO optimization etc available in WordPress.
  3. Using WordPress has been fruitful as it has earned the name of being exemplary for dynamic content marketing.
  4. WordPress has been successful in raising the security of any website. It was criticized a lot for providing a weak security system but that’s just a fable.
  5. It can be used not only by developers but also by anybody who wants to create a website even as a hobby.
  6. Writing in WordPress is a very methodical path for getting inbound links to your website. Easy syndication for WordPress has helped websites get to the top.
  7. The most important point that every content developer at least thinks about at least once is the cost. Here’s a piece of good news – WordPress is one of the most cost-effective stages for developing content for your website. You do not need to pay any money for downloading, installing, and updating.

Essential settings after installing wordpress

You cannot just start working on WordPress right of the bat. There are some changes you need to do on it for your convenience and your gain. Strictly go through these methods after you have your WordPress installed on your device.

1. Eliminate the specimen content

A dummy post called “Hello World” appears along with a sample page as well as a specimen comment. Is your WordPress installed? Alright!

Deleting the specimen stuff is an essential part while getting started after installing WordPress. You can remove the dummy content from WordPress Dashboard easily.

2. Changing the title of the site, the tagline, and the time zone

After the WordPress installed, click on WordPress Settings. then, go to General. You need to change the Site Title and the Tagline. This is because they would appear on the search results of Google.

3. You have to put the WordPress permalinks together

The first step to do this is going to Settings from the WordPress Dashboard. Next, click on the option named ‘Permalinks’ in order to change the structure of the permalinks.

The permalink which is present in there by default is –

This permalink is not familiar to the search engines and so obviously not friendly to them. So, you have to change the Permalink settings to ‘Post name’.

4. Restructure the Reading Settings

Reading settings the most important part of using the WordPress blogging platform. If you want to use a static web page as the introductory page of your website, then configuring reading settings becomes very vital.

5. Install a sightly theme

Your blog needs a beautiful theme to make it look stunning. WordPress comes up with various free and extraordinary themes to make your content look more attractive than ever. Go to Appearance > Themes for installing several themes.

6. Brush up the page loading speed

Your incoming traffic is depending on your website speed. If it is slow they will be jumping to any other rival platform. WordPress comes with various free plugins for accelerating the speed of your website.

7. User registration – enable or disable

If you activate the user registration, your website users can register on your website. Guest blogging is a reason for which you can activate this option.

Disabling user registration will not allow anyone to post on your website as you want to keep writing on your site private to yourself.

8. Attach a Contact Form

Doing this your visitors will be able to fill up the details about themselves quickly for making any sort of contact with you. This role is played by the WPS forms which are the WordPress contact form plugin.

9. Installation of google analytics

You need to know what your audience is looking for. Targetting your audience becomes essential. So, here lies the point where Google analytics starts playing its role as it shows how busy your site is remaining by recording the engagement of people on your site.

10. Installation of SEO plugin

A search engine is one of the most considerable sources of traffic for any website. This is the reason the installation of an SEO plugin is vital. This will surely be able to bring more traffic to your website from different search engines.


With that I discussed all the vital Settings change you need to perform after you install WordPress. I hope this article will help you as you newly create your own blog for your own website.

New website developers and content writers often ask what to do when they are starting to write a blog. Well, follow this article and know well about the stuff you need to do.

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