Absolute Privacy Updated to v1.2

Absolute Privacy Updated to v1.2

I just updated Absolute Privacy to version 2.0, so it should be hitting your dashboard soon. It’s been nearly 9 months since my last official update of the plugin. This was a large update that added things like members only capabilities (protect a page and all subpages but allow everything else), shortcodes for profile editing and login forms (which need a lot more documentation still), better user authentication, better settings page, top-to-bottom code rewrite, and more!

For a full write up, see the official plugin page or just download it from WordPress.org

Update: The official version of the plugin is up to 2.0.4 (in under 24 hours of initial release), which fixed a fatal error that occurred on activation, a bug in which settings weren’t being transferred properly from v1.3, and a few other minor issues.

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