About Us

Who Is John Kolbert?

Who am I? I’m John Kolbert. I’m a guy with a family, a day-job, a freelance gig, and a religion. This is my personal site that I do pretty much whatever I want with.

Hi, I’m John Kolbert. I’m the founder of MammothApps, a WordPress development studio. This is my personal website where I rant about my favorite technology topics, albeit infrequently.
I blog about topics that interest me like coding, web development, and WordPress tutorials. Because I’m usually busy with clients over at MammothApps, there won’t be daily updates. Heck, I don’t even promise weekly updates.
If you find my stuff interesting, I recommend subscribing to my RSS feed and following me on Twitter.
I don’t otherwise blog about my personal life often because it’s, uh…personal. But if you really want to know, here’s a bit about me.

Bio at a Glance

Name: John Kolbert
Domain: johnkolbert.com
Location: United States of America
Real-life Occupation: Currently in dental school (yeah, not related to blogging)
Online Occupation: WordPress/PHP freelancer
Hobbies: coding, reading, being with my wife & daughter

Other Facts: I’m a self taught PHP/mySQL/JavaScript/HTML programmer. Everything I know is from trial and error and from old-fashioned book reading. My bachelors in Biology just doesn’t help much in that area. I’m a devout Christian and have a wonderful wife and daughter. I’m a busy dental school student, but I blog and do freelance work to help pay the bills in my spare time.

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