5 Most Significant Programming Languages Of 2019 For Development: An Inescapable Guide

Programming Languages Of 2019

To make the computer deliver what you want in a sophisticated manner, it is essential to form their designs and the way they function.

To devise their pattern of work, it is essential that the adept programmers exercise their art of coding to something innovative. And for that, they have to communicate with the system with a special medium of programming.

Discussing programming, there exists a surfeit of programming languages which create sophisticated website applications.

All the mobile applications and software development require individuals to possess an in-depth and absolute knowledge of a language associated with programming.

This article is filled with plenty of information regarding the 5 most significant Programming Languages of 2019 for Development.

Furthermore, prior to discussing the diverse languages for programming, I present you with the benefits of knowing many programming languages.

The Perks of Knowing Plenty of Programming Languages

If an individual possesses the knowledge of many languages associated with programming, it benefits the individual to grow as a versatile and exceptional programmer.

Furthermore, the individual receives the flexibility and therefore, delivers tasks with an expert and mature approach.

However, without conglomerating every benefit in an ambiguous manner, let us discuss them one by one. Read the underlying points which discuss the comfort of having the knowledge of more than one language in programming.

Stick through the benefits thoroughly as this section holds the precise reasons why most ambitious programmers strive to learn new languages despite knowing one.

This article aims to hold a detailed discussion regarding the 5 most significant Programming Languages of 2019 for Development. So, after glancing at the benefits, you can run your eyes on the section which follows the current one.

1. Consultation

When companies seek services for software development, the process tends to begin with a period of consultation. The client, during this period, illustrates his requirements and demands. And, the developer acquires sufficient information to provide the client with wise advice.

The central advisory, as well as the decision-making operation in any project for development, is handpicking a technology or a collection of technologies.

There exist plenty of programs, such as databases which employ multiple programming languages.

The developers require to hold the power of perceiving both the pros and cons of each language alternative to advise their clients correctly.

2. Change

The age-old proverb, “Change is the only constant” is so true. One must adapt to the modifying environment.

With time, laptop, web applications, and other technological elements are developing and transforming thanks to the range of languages which are in use. With wider and deeper knowledge regarding the programming languages, the developer tends to be competent as well as competent.

Wise professionals who want to grow, always prefer to work with those developers who yearn to learn new skills and possess the knowledge of multiple programming languages. This also places such eager-to-learn-and-grow professionals in a better position in the future.

Now, among ample languages, I have discussed the 5 most significant Programming Languages of 2019 for Development. And, I am sure to treat all your queries by feeding you with all the information.

3. Knowledge of Implementation

With the learning of a new language, the developers also have an inclination towards the manner the languages are implemented.

Now, this implies that with the knowledge of every new language, you tend to learn about the programming performance, efficiency as well as the aspects of design in general.

Learning the concepts of general implementation renders the knowledge and ability to program with performance in mind regardless of the language you are using.

4. Approaches

The approaches of diverse languages are different from each other. Now, some of the languages may seem similar but will diverge and start manifesting their differences when their approaches are in question.

To be precise, take this example. The languages which are object-oriented, for instance, Java, tend to split the program tasks and divide them between a collection of objects along with specific responsibilities.

The languages, at times, categorized into two levels: high and low. The higher the level fo a language, the more it includes abstraction from the computing hardware.

The procedural ones deliver the system a set of strict instructions to follow. And, the functional languages tend to define the behavior of applications with the help of mathematical functions.

With the in-depth knowledge of different languages along with their specific approaches, you can approach diverse projects with your individual understanding as well as perception.

5 Most Significant Programming Languages of 2019 for Development

Having discussed the comfort or benefits that programming languages have rendered, it is about time that I bring you some of the most prominent languages that are employed for programming.

All the technological advancement in today’s date, associated with website applications or software, is the product of smart implementation of programming languages into the computing system.

Now, the kinds of programming languages are plenty and in abundance. But, in this article, I intend to present and discuss the 5 most significant Programming Languages of 2019 for Development.

Therefore, take a glimpse of the fundamentals of the underlying languages.

1. Python

One of the programming languages which has the potential to shape the future is Python. The signature aspect of this is that it is extremely convenient for the beginners to grasp thanks to its readability.

Furthermore, it is an open-source programming language which possesses extensive support modules along with community development. Also, it holds a convenient integration with the services of websites.

Moreover, Python is incorporated with data structures which are user-friendly and possesses a desktop application that is GUI-oriented. For M.L. or Machine Learning, Python is the most popular alternative.

Uses or Application

In order to develop 2D imaging along with 3D animation, for instance, Autodesk, Blender, and Inkscape, Python is one of the best choices for developers. Its contribution led to the creation of popular video games as Vegas Trike, Famous Toontown, and Civilization IV.

Moreover, for computational as well as scientific applications, like Abacus and FreeCAD, Python is the popular resort which professionals trust. Such is the widespread functionality of Python.

Additionally, the renowned websites as Pinterest, Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram, labeled it as one of the most Trending Languages in 2019.

However, glance at the pros and cons of Python for a quick and better understanding within just a few minutes.


  • Intuitively/ Naturally Readable
  • Flexible
  • Scripted as opposed to compiled
  • Holds official tutorials along with documentation


  • Doesn’t start with the basics of programming
  • Abstracts plenty of significant basic concepts

2. Java

Not to mention, Java is one of the best programming languages which is in use today. Oracle Corporation is the owner of Java. It is, basically, a general-purpose programming language.

Moreover, it has a structure that is object-oriented which is a standard of applications that can be easily employed regardless of any platform thanks to its WORA or Write Once, Run Anywhere feature.

Furthermore, the WORA feature renders Java the recognition for its convenient portability throughout diverse platforms.

Currently, there exist about 3 billion devices which are processing applications that are created with the assistance of Java. And therefore, it is not a matter of shock that Java falls in the list which holds the names of popular and significant Programming Languages of 2019.

Uses and Application

For application as well as web development, Java is widely employed. Moreover, it is employed for plenty of popular websites’ at the backend. Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Twitter are some examples.

Java is employed in plenty of applications. The fresh and new frameworks of Java, for instance, Spring, Hibernate, and Struts have gained popularity. However, let us quickly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Java.


  • A great start for beginning to think and perceive like a programmer.
  • Convenient to manipulate or access the extremely essential computer components like the graphics, the sound, and the file system for a sophisticated program that can run easily regardless of the Operating System type.


  • Plenty of vocabularies to learn

Such is the grasp of Java in the market. Therefore, it is present in our list of the 5 most significant Programming Languages of 2019 for Development.

3. JavaScript

This is yet another programming language which is object-oriented and is employed for serving the mission of developing interactive effects that too within the browsers.

Typescript is an essential superset of JavaScript. It has plenty of functions, for instance, adding the feature of optional static typing to the language program. Besides CSS and HTML, JavaScript is also considered as one of the cores existing web technologies.

Uses and Application

Furthermore, it is also employed is plenty of renowned websites, for instance, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia.

In popular web frameworks, JavaScript has its contribution to the development of web frameworks like the React.js, Node.js, and AngularJS.


  • Swift
  • Simple
  • Interoperability
  • Rich interfaces
  • Extended functionalities
  • Versatility


  • Issues with client-side scripts, client-side security, and browser support interpretations.

4. PHP

Programmed with the assistance of integrated web development aptitudes, PHP is yet another significant programming language.

For promoting brisk web application development, it is the frameworks of PHP makes it convenient to work with the development solutions for the web application. They enable the basic structure to do it.

Laravel, Symfony and Codeigniter are some of the names of its frameworks.

Uses and Application

The features as well as tools that they offer facilitate quality development by adding necessary features as well as functionalities. Most of the frameworks are open sources. Therefore, they can be used and employed that too without paying a single licensing charge.


  • Quicken the tailored application development as well as simplify maintenance
  • Writing added code and tackling databases resourcefully is not required
  • Automate the activities of customary development and lessen the overall costs


  • The requirement to learn PHP frameworks rather than PHP
  • Lack of choices to modify core behavior

The list for the 5 most significant Programming Languages of 2019 for Development encompasses PHP for such exceptional features.

5. Ruby

The most simple to grasp for learning and implementing is Ruby. Developed in the 1950s, it possesses a humane syntax.

But, it still is flexible from an object-based architecture standpoint. It supports the procedural as well as the functional programming notation.

The framework integrated into Ruby is the RoR which stands for the popular Ruby on Rails.


  • Swift and straightforward creation of web applications
  • Refined
  • Sturdy
  • Convenient to Decipher


  • The low speed of runtime impacts the performance

One of the most prominent programming languages is Ruby as is evident with our discussion. And, therefore, I have enlisted it into the 5 most significant Programming Languages of 2019 for Development.

How Programming Languages Create New and Competent Applications

In the realm of technology, every new development is the product of an individual bearing immense knowledge and adeptness regarding the language of computers. Each language mentioned above holds unique traits which make them distinct and stand out from the mainstream crowd.

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