4 Ways to Fix Laptop Function Keys

4 Ways to Fix Laptop Function Keys

There are a large number of people who use the Function key on their laptops. But, sometimes the occurrence of problems with the function key is too annoying. Sometimes these problems come from the manufacturer or can be due to any physical damage. 

The function keys are present at the top of the keyboard. These are basically the shortcut keys that are used to ease daily work. Now, there are various laptop manufacturers, so the solution to the problem usually tends to vary from brand to brand. 

The Problems Behind the Issue

When the function keys in your laptop won’t work properly, then you have to be sure that there must be some serious problems going on. Let’s dig deep and find out what actually the problems are: 

  • Hardware problems
  • Software problems
  • Issues in Built-in services 
  • Changes in Settings 

Detecting the problems is the primary objective that you should take into account at first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to resolve the issues. 

Fix with Best Possible Solutions

Obviously, there are a lot of possible fixes available. Let’s get to the more practical solutions that can help you to fix the glitch associated with the function keys of your laptop. 

  • Troubleshoot the Hardware Problems

Troubleshooting the hardware problems in the system is not a very big deal at all. Follow the procedures and get your work done in a timely manner. 

  • Press the Windows logo and I key simultaneously to open the “Settings”. After that select “Update and Security”.
  • From the left-hand side of the screen choose “Troubleshoot” and select “Hardware and Devices”.
  • Click on “Run the Troubleshooter” and let the system perform its troubleshooting procedure. 

When the task is complete, reboot the computer in order to make changes. Hopefully, the function keys will now work properly. 

  • Install the latest Driver Updates

Sometimes outdated drivers are also responsible for certain complications in the system. The function keys might not work due to this reason. So, first, you can update your Operating System. It will install all the necessary drivers and will also replace the old ones. 

Second, visit your laptop’s manufacturer’s official website to download the latest drivers. After the download process, install the drivers one by one. And last but not the least, you can also use any third-party software to download the drivers and install them accordingly. 

  • Fix Issues of Built-In System Services

There can be a conflict between the drivers and the Operating System. So, uninstall the pointing device driver. Just visit the Control Panel of the system and click on “Uninstall Program”. Choose the driver and uninstall it. 

In certain specific cases, there are also features known as “Hot Keys”. The corrupted hot-keys also can resist the function keys from working properly. All you need to do is to first uninstall and then re-install the hotkeys as soon as possible. 

  • Update the Keyboard Settings 

Malfunction in the settings of the keyboard is also another reason for the rise of this problem. Go to the “Control Panel” or “Settings” and make the necessary changes. In addition to that, you can also update the necessary keyboard drivers. In doing so, if somehow the drivers are corrupted, they will get replaced by the new version. 

Additional Information

If all of your working procedures fail, then the only option left is to format your system drive and restore the Operating System. It will wipe out all the drivers and will give your system a fresh start. Furthermore, install the new drivers in your computer to get back the proper workability. Contact the Laptop Repair Dubai Technician for a better assistant.